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It’s a good time to explain Quantumania Post Credit Scenes now that you must have watched Antman 3.

I was amazed to see Marvel Studios, taking this movie to another level with both the post-credit scenes. The pattern however is similar to what they did in the Infinity Saga. Phase 1 & 2 had scenes teasing Thanos right from the beginning.

Antman and The Wasp Quantumania is the first movie of Phase 5 and so it teased variants of Kang The Conqueror.

This movie has two post-credit scenes. One mid-credit scene and one post-end-credit scene.

Council of Kangs Post Credit Scene Explained

The Council of Kangs exists because Kang The Conqueror is a paradox in time. Because of his knowledge of time, he keeps on travelling to different timelines spawning countless variants and hence, there’s an entire Council of Kangs.

The Council is made up of every Kang alive in the multiverse, and they band together to pool their resources and power to control the multiverse.

There are thousands of Kangs on the Council, including a Doctor Doom variant of Kang who is pretending to be Doctor Doom in the present day. You must also have noticed that all the variants use the same Blue Time Travelling platform used by Reed Richards in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness.

This proves that Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, and Nathaniel Richards are connected. Marvel Studios might explore this relation in the future.

I might not be able to use the exact images from Quantumania Post Credit Scenes right now. Here’s the comic scene from which the first post-credit scene is inspired.

Quantumania: Post Credit Scenes Explained
Image Source – Marvel

It’s important to note that not all Kangs are powerful. The entire Council of Kangs was initially controlled by 4 Kangs.

  1. Kang The Conqueror (villain in Antman and The Wasp Quantumania)
  2. Scarlet Centurion
  3. Rama-Tut
  4. Immortus

But the other 3 exiled Kang the Conqueror.

There are a total of 38 variants of Kang explored in the comics but Quantumania Post Credit Scene shows thousands of Kang.

Loki EP 06 had an Easter Egg for Council of Kangs

loki fourth time keeper broken statue citadel 1
Source – screenrant

When Sylvie and Loki walk into The Citadel at the end of time, there are 3 time keeper statues and the 4th one is broken. These 4 statues are meant to represent the 4 powerful Kang variants. While the broken one represents the exiled Kang.

Why was Kang The Conqueror exiled?

Kang wanted to ensure his survival, so he went ahead in time and saw all the timelines. Then he started pruning those timelines which could prove dangerous to his existence. He wanted to win in all the timelines.

But this also meant killing some of his own Kang variants. He wasn’t going to hesitate to kill anyone. He might even have to kill Scarlet Centurion, Immortus and Rama-Tut.

Hence, he was exiled into The Quantum Realm.

Is Kang The Conqueror dead?

It may seem that Kang is gone. But there’s an interesting theory which establishes that Kang The Conqueror has become a quantum wave.

He will return and will become more powerful. He might even call himself Beyonder and will kill his other variants. All of this will happen in Avengers: Kang Dynasty. The Avengers will then have to face this ultra powerful version of Kang in Secret Wars.

Victor Timely Post Credit Scene Explained

The second Quantumania Post Credit scene is about Victor Timely.

This scene appears to be set in the late 1800s, around the same time as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla’s argument about DC versus AC current. Victor Timely gives a presentation about controlling time using a primitive time travel device and pitches the audience about the importance of controlling time. The banner behind him reads “Victor Timely and his astounding temporal marvel,” which is a nod to Marvel Comics.

In the audience, Loki and Mobius are present on a daily assignment with Loki. He is trying to convince Mobius about the dangers of Kang Variants. This Mobius is from the rebooted timeline and has no memories from the events of Loki Season one. He does know anything about Kang. This scene is meant to tease the events of Loki Season two, which will air in the summer after Secret Invasion.

This scene might be a potential Branch timeline that Kang’s variants created, leading to the establishment of the TVA and the recruitment of its first agents.

In Loki Season two, the focus will be on stopping Kang variants and convincing them about the dangers of the Kang Multiverse war.

Antman and The Wasp Quantumania took MCU a big step ahead with the post-credit scenes. Let’s see what the future unfolds.

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