quantumania review kang steals the show in antmans latest adventure

Phase 5 of MCU begins with a bang with Antman 3. This post is about my Quantumania review.

This movie introduces Kang The Conqueror in the MCU. Antman and The Wasp Quantumania like an episode where the story tries to focus around the protagonist Antman. But Kang steals the show.

Is Antman and Wasp Quantumania good or bad?

This movie is a must watch for MCU fans. However, Kang is the one that saves this movie. It’s not an Avengers level movie, but it still the best of the Antman Franchise.

Quantumania: Review


The movie begins with Janet helping Kang. Just after that, you get to see how Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne are leading their lives.

Without any delay, you’re into the Quantum Realm with Scott’s family divided into 2 teams. The first act of the movie is gets over within no time. But still it gives a gist of what’s about to come.

The second act of this movie is interesting as Kang’s backstory is revealed. At the same time, the plot tries to add more depth to Cassie-Scott’s connection as father-daughter. But you’re not able to connect as you care more about Kang.

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As I mentioned, Kang is the center of attraction of this movie. He’s depicted very powerful throughout the movie and hence, it’s just surprising how he loses. Scott Lang has plot armor throughout the movie and that’s the only reason he gets out alive out of the Quantum Realm.

This movie is best of the Antman Franchise because it has a serious tone. The plot tries to be humorous but fails to be so.

Overall, the plot of this movie is average. Just as Marvel does every time, it revealed too much in the TV featurettes.

Character Development

Marvel Studios seems to be carrying on the problem they had with Phase 4 and that is Character Development. Both Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne have zero character development. There are no power ups for them.

Quantumania Review: Kang Steals The Show In Antman's Latest Adventure
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At the end of this movie. they’re just as strong as they were in Avengers: Endgame.

Antman/Scott Lang

Here are the key takeaways for Scott Lang from his adventures in the Quantum Realm:

  • Quantum Realm isn’t as dangerous but still one should try to be away from there
  • Kang The Conqueror existed and more of him are coming
  • Accept that he won’t get to experience Cassie’s childhood
  • Not treat Cassie as a child as she’s an adult

That’s it. Antman isn’t going to get any more stronger. He’s not the strongest Avenger. But this movie brings out an important characteristic of Scott Lang.

That is his persistence to survive. Antman for the most part of this movie isn’t trying to be aggressive, he’s trying to survive. He tries to understand what Kang is and defeats him.

Wasp/Hope Van Dyne

I don’t understand why the title has Wasp in the first place. Hope throughout the movie has a small amount of screen time. The plot of this movie doesn’t focus on her at all.

Her most important contribution to this movie is helping Antman in the climax.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang rules for the major part of this movie. This movie depicts beautifully of how dangerous, powerful and witty Kang is. His costume was accurate. His stunts, action and effects were on point.

Jonathan Majors steals the show by his performance as Kang.

There is no development for Kang but with what you see of him in this movie, he surely is an Avengers level threat.

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Quantumania Review – Favorite Moments

1 – The first moment which I liked is absolutely spine-chilling. When Janet touches the core of Kang’s ship, she sees what he’s done. You get to see that he has destroyed timelines and killed countless people until he was exiled.

2 – When Antman and Wasp try to go against Kang by shrinking, he literally takes down as if he’s shooing away insects. That is a real flex of his powers. I wanted to bow before the Conqueror.

3 – Antman hits Kang by going big from small and Kang gets thrown away into a wall.

4 – Just after that, Kang is back to take hits again as all of this is nothing for him. Kang not only takes down Antman and The Wasp but also kills beings of the Quantum Realm. Sheer exhibition of his power.

5 – Even as ants are trying to break his shield, Kang doesn’t flinch.

6 – MODOK breaks Kang’s shield and dies as an Avenger. That is hilarious.

7 – Post Credit Scenes

Post Credit Scenes

Stakes just get higher after the credits roll as you get a glimpse of the Kang Variants. Turns out both He Who Remains and Kang The Conqueror weren’t joking.

The first post credit scene features 3 main variants talking about Kang dying. You also get to see probably Ten Thousand Kang variants.

The second post-credit scene made my soul cheer. Quantumania finally connects to Loki Season 2. Loki and Mobius are watching Victor Timely’s exhibition of Time’s controlling prototype.

You’ll see Victor Timely in 3 episodes of Loki Season 2.

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