Hello everyone and welcome to this blog. This is an entertainment blog and I’ll post articles related to movies and TV shows here. These articles will cover a variety of topics such as news about movies and TV shows, reviews, and my thoughts about the diverse entertainment world.

As the entertainment world is huge and it is becoming bigger and bigger with the launch of OTT platforms, its tough for me to watch every movie or web series. The preference of every individual towards every movie varies. I’ll post my views about whatever I watch and will try to be unbiased.

Also, it becomes difficult to watch every movie or TV show just as it is released and write a review about it as fast as possible. Hence, I’ll try to post quality content and focus on my view or my take about any movie being only mine.

As I’ll post news about entertainment it’s obvious that the source of the news will other internet sources such as websites, twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, etc. Also, the images which will be used will be from other sources. No copyright or plagiarism is intended by me. I believe in originality but news in the world of entertainment are often reposts. I’ll give full credits to the original source no matter whatever the information is.

This blog is my heart and writing about movies and web series is my passion. I hope that with your support and love we take this blog to new heights.