Loki Season 1 Review The Best Show Ever

With everything that happened with in the last episode, it’s no doubt that Loki is the best show ever. This show has got the most number of views compared to WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Loki was supposed to be Marvel’s first venture as to how the multiverse would look in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and boy it has delivered on this.


Director:  Kate Herron

Writers:  Michael Waldron, Bisha K. Ali, Elissa Karasik, Eric Martin, Stan Lee, Tom Kauffman, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber

Cast:  Tom Hiddleston, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosaku, Lauren Revard, Tara Strong, Richard E. Grant, Jack Veal, Deobia Oparei, Jonathan Majors

Music: Natalie Holt

Budget:  150 Million USD Approx.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Superhero, Thriller 

Synopsis: After stealing the tesseract once again, Loki runs away and lands in the Mongolian desert. He’s just recovering from his escape when he gets captured and finds himself in the TVA court. Soon he finds out how his journey has ended and sets out on a new path. As he progresses, Loki comes across his female variant and then they uncover deeper darker secrets inside the TVA. 

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The series picks up right after Loki runs away with Tesseract. Just after he gets picked up by the TVA, the plot gradually begins to unfold itself. This show has a fabulous start because, right from the beginning, this show starts to develop Loki. Everything that Loki was gets defined in the first episode itself and hence there’s room to further develop the character.

Until we reach the middle of the series, we get a brief explanation of how everything functions. A very notable thing about Loki series is that the creators know that they’re introducing a totally new concept. So right from the beginning Loki himself has been asking the same set of question about everything and anything that he doesn’t understand. This is the beauty of this show. Just after that, the plot of the show, slows down. Loki and Sylvie create a nexus event by creating a bit of soft moment. This is where I think Loki series, stalled some time but then, picks up nicely again.

As the show begins to reach the climax, things begin to get interesting. Before the climax, the show finally uncovers some of the secrets of TVA. Marvel did a fantastic job by bringing Lady Sif back only to further deepen the emotions with Loki. Then we finally get to the heart of this show which was introducing the variants of LOKI, not only one or two but many more.

The last episode is where this series nailed it again and hence became the best show ever. The last episode just blows us away with the introduction of Jonathan Majors as HE WHO REMAINS. Then we get the explanation of how the sacred timeline works and how it must be controlled. The show then ends with a cliff hanger staging grounds not only for LOKI Season 2, but also for ETERNALS, SPIDERMAN : NO WAY HOME & DOCTOR STRANGE : IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS.

Character Development 

This show delivered on many aspects on of them is character development.

Loki – As the name itself suggests, Loki is developed seriously well in this show. Previously, MCU had always touched Loki’s character and left us to wonder if he was good, bad or a bit of both. This show addressed the flaws of his character right in the first episode. Just after everything Loki has done gets defined, there’s a lot more room left to play with his character.

The show answers all the questions of how Loki was written as a character from the beginning in the MCU. Loki is a character which is unpredictable, unreliable, untrustworthy and always backstabbing the people who’ve ever trusted him. We also get to see all these qualities in all the variants. The climax of this show delivers one final hammer when we can see in Loki’s eyes, that for the first time he doesn’t want a throne.

In Phase 4, after 22 movies, Marvel developed Loki into a completely different character. They did this sort of like what GAME OF THRONES did with Jaime Lannister. But they hammered this type of character development to fit Loki into the MCU.

Perfect example of WATCH AND LEARN.

Sylvie– Sylvie is a supporting character throughout the show. We just get a brief glimpse of her story. This show just develops her a little. But her character remains true to her nature. This is why she did what she had to in the climax.

Ravonna Renslayer – This show was meant to provide an origin story for her character and we got that. We’ll also see her in Loki Season 2 and may be in some other projects in the post credits scenes. Her character is vital for future Marvel movies as she has a direct relation with future AVENGER LEVEL THREAT namely Kang.


The other aspect on which this show did remarkably well was the background music. It straightaway gave vibes of something darker going on within the TVA. The background music just heightened of how the show developed Loki.

The background music at the end of each episode too added to all the suspense. If there’s a reason as to why this show is the best show then its is highly due to the excellent background music.

The sound effects throughout the show are also on point.


Loki has excellent cinematography. The scenes in TVA are beautifully set up giving a classy 70’s feeling. There are a ton of Easter eggs throughout the show. I can’t imagine the depth in creativity Marvel has. Then as the series progresses onto distant lands, we see scenes marvelously filmed.


The direction of this Loki is great. Everything this show was able to pull was because the director Kate Herron was pulling the right strings all along. They even shot multiple scenes for the climax which were removed later.

But overall, this series excelled in this department.


The strength of Loki is its powerful script. Marvel made this sure that they excel in this aspect when they hired Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron to write this show. Right from the beginning, this series made us nostalgic and gave goosebumps. Throughout the show, Loki particularly has some extensive set of dialogues. There was just one point when the show kind of drifted from its purpose but then got back beautifully. Other than that, this show doesn’t show any unimportant and keeps us guessing about what’s next to come.

This show also included some of the major real life mysteries/events/incidents which is a reference to Marvel making things seem realistic.


Loki series maintained the same level of effects as Marvel had in WandaVision. In fact, with the last two episodes, this show raised the bar again. As this was Marvel’s first venture into the multiverse, it was important for the Computer Generated Interface (CGI) on point. I could literally see the effort throughout the series in its effects.

All the effects made Loki much more enticing and gave me a feeling as if I’m watching a movie.

The Loki series has surely set up Marvel towards the multiverse’s direction. It’ll be really exciting now to see how everything gets set up.

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