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The hype for Deadpool and Wolverine is colossal. Marvel fans are buzzing with excitement. Deadpool 3 Box Office predictions suggest it will be one of the biggest movies of the year. This post will mainly discuss why Deadpool 3 will easily earn $1 Billion Worldwide.

The first trailer set a new record for Marvel Studios. It had 365 million views in the first 24 hours. This shattered previous records and shows just how eager fans are. The last MCU movie, The Marvels, was a box office flop. It earned just $206 million worldwide against a budget of $274.8 million. This was far below expectations, with projections between $50-75 million, much less than Captain Marvel’s $153.4 million opening.

Here are the top 5 movies of 2024 with their global box office collection:

  1. Dune: Part Two – $711 Million
  2. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – $567 Million
  3. Kung Fu Panda 4 – $539 Million
  4. Kingdom of The Planet of The Apes – $303 Million
  5. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – $200 Million

Considering the above numbers, Deadpool 3 merely needs $250 Million for making it as one of biggest films of 2024. It’s already tracking a big opening in it’s first weekend.

7 reasons why early Deadpool 3 Box Office Predictions predict it will earn $1 Billion


1 – Record-Breaking Opening Weekend projections

Despite being R-rated early projections suggest that Deadpool 3 is tracking an opening weekend of $200-239 million. This could restore faith in the MCU’s box office power. The previous biggest movie of 2024 with an opening of $81.5 Million was Dune: Part Two. An R-rated movie has never had this much of a big opening.

An R-rated movie with the highest box opening collection is currently Deadpool which earned $132.4M in February 2016. This movie is Marvel’s shot at gaining back the trust of MCU fans.

2 – Deadpool 3 is Marvel’s only bet for 2024

As all other Marvel movies have been postponed till 2025, Marvel Studios is focusing only on Deadpool 3 for marketing. Die hard Marvel fans will flock to the theatres for watching this movie.

3 – Hugh Jackman is reprising his role as Wolverine and that too in the MCU

Hugh Jackman is coming back as Wolverine after 7 years. This reason is enough for fans to watch this movie in the theatre.

4 – The ‘Deadpool’ success factor

There has never been a Deadpool movie which has flopped. This character has had an impressive track record previously for Fox and will continue this for Marvel Studios. Given both Deadpool movies being successful and now Wolverine joining, Deadpool 3 will surely earn $1 Billion Dollars worldwide.

5 – Tons of cameos

There are a lot of cameos of X-men characters from the Fox Universe in Deadpool 3. In addition to that there’ll also be Ladypool, Dogpool, Headpool, Ladypool and Babypool in this movie. You’re surely in for a treat with this movie. This factor also increases its chances of earning more.

6 – Two terrific post credit scenes

This movie has 2 terrific Post-Credit scenes which will make you wonder how did Marvel manage to pull this off. Marvel will soon tease you more regarding the post credit scenes which will create more hype among the fans.

7 – Deadpool 3 now has access to the Chinese box office

Do you know the formula for a movie to make it a box office success? It’s easy, have the movie release in China. If you take a look at all the movies who have earned more than a billion, may it be Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Avatar or Titanic, all of them were released in China.

This helped all the movies to go past through the $1 Billion dollar mark. Deadpool 3 will release in China simultaneously along with the entire world on 26th July 2024. China has a large Hollywood movie loving audience and hence Deadpool and Wolverine is guaranteed to make a huge profit.

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