the boys season 4 everything you need to know

The Boys Season 4 is here and it continues its legacy of bloodbath and epic disasters. This post is about those want to catch up about what’s going on in this season.

The Boys Season 4 Trailer

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

The first three episodes of The Boys season 4 premiered on June 13, 2024 on Prime Video. Then every episode will release each week on Thursday at 12:00 AM Pacific/3:00 AM Eastern in the United States.

The Boys Season 4 what’s happened so far

The Boys Season 4 picks up right where Season 3 left off. Butcher has only six months to live after a lethal dose of Compound V, the serum that gives Supes their powers.

Butcher’s Desperate Mission

With his time running out, Butcher turns to an old CIA friend, Joe Kessler. He needs help to take Ryan away from Homelander and to finally end the leader of the Seven. Butcher is also struggling, seeing hallucinations of his dead wife, Becca.

Internal Conflicts

Butcher breaks a deal with Neuman and spends some time with his son. However, he can’t go through with the plan to kidnap Ryan and use him against Homelander.

Homelander’s Schemes

Homelander is cleared of murder charges from the end of Season 3. He’s tired of being surrounded by yes-men and plots with Neuman to assassinate president-elect Robert Singer. With the help of Sister Sage, a new member of The Seven, he plots a plan to take Starlight’s campaign and is successful.

New Faces in the Seven

sister sage and firecracker the boys season 4

The Seven introduces new members: Sister Sage, the world’s smartest person, and Firecracker, who runs a scam selling conspiracies. There’s also a new Black Noir after the original’s death.

The Boys’ Struggles

The Boys are being torn apart:

  • Annie renounces the Starlight name to do good with her own charity.
  • Hughie is dealing with his father’s stroke.
  • Kimiko grapples with her past again.
  • Frenchie is in a relationship with Colin, a charity worker whose family he killed years ago.
  • MM recruits A-Train as his inside man at Vought

What is the plot of The Boys Season 4?

Season 4 seems to be about Billy Butcher trying to build a virus strong enough to kill Homelander. As seen in Gen V, there’s a virus developed at Godolkin University which is strong enough to kill Supes. At the end Gen V, the scientist responsible for the virus hands it over to Victoria Newman who then kills the scientist.

As seen in Episode 5 of The Boys Season 4, Neuman hands the virus to her husband Sameer who ends up wasting the virus. Now Billy Butcher has captured Sameer who’s presumed dead by the others. Billy has now left Sameer no choice but to redevelop the virus to kill Homelander.

The Boys Season 4 Cast

Here’s the cast of The Boys Season 4:

  • Karl Urban as Billy Butcher
  • Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell
  • Antony Starr as Homelander
  • Erin Moriarty as Starlight / Annie January
  • Jessie T. Usher as A-Train / Reggie Franklin
  • Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk
  • Chace Crawford as The Deep / Kevin Moskowitz
  • Tomer Capone as Frenchie
  • Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro
  • Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir II
  • Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett
  • Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman
  • Cameron Crovetti as Ryan
  • Susan Heyward as Sister Sage
  • Valorie Curry as Firecracker
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Kessler
  • Rosemarie DeWitt as Daphne Campbell
  • Omid Abtahi as Sameer Shah
  • David Andrews as Senator Calhoun
  • Tyrone Benskin as Elijah
  • Dan Mousseau as Webweaver
  • Reid Millar as Laddio

Is Season 4 the final season of The Boys?

The Boys will end with Season 5. Erik Kripke the showrunner for The Boys announced the final installment of this show just before the release of Season 4. But there’s still Gen V Season 2 about to premiere soon. So you’re in for a treat.

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