shazam fury of the gods everything you need to know

Shazam: Fury of the Gods could have been one of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2023. But thanks to James Gunn rebooting the DCU, it’s not.

It’s the sequel to 2019’s Shazam! But, the future of Shazam isn’t bright. It’s perfectly alright if you don’t watch this movie in theatres as it doesn’t make any sense now.

Besides I got you covered for everything.

What is the plot of Shazam: Fury of The Gods?

The story of Shazam: Fury of the Gods revolves around the three daughters of the Greek titan Atlas. For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, the titans were a race of powerful beings who ruled the world before the Olympian gods took over. Atlas was one of the most famous titans, known for his role in holding up the sky.

In this movie, the three daughters of Atlas are trying to take back one of the sources of the Shazam family’s powers – the stamina of Zeus. Zeus is one of the gods who grant Shazam their powers, and his lightning bolts are a crucial element of their abilities.

The Shazam Acronym

Shazam is not just the name of the superhero, but also an acronym for the sources of his powers. Each letter of the name stands for a different attribute that the hero possesses.

  • S – Wisdom of Soloman
  • H- Strength of Hercules
  • A – Stamina of Atlas
  • Z – Power of Zeus
  • A – Courage of Achilles
  • M- Speed of Mercury

Each of these attributes gives Shazam a different power, such as incredible strength, stamina, and speed. The sisters of Atlas are after the stamina of Zeus, but it remains to be seen whether they will succeed in taking it away from the hero.

The Return of the Wizard Shazam

One of the key characters in the Shazam mythos is the Wizard Shazam, the ancient sorcerer who grants Billy Batson his powers. In the first movie, the wizard was played by Djimon Hounsou, but in the sequel, he will be played by a younger actor. It’s not clear yet whether this will be a version of the wizard from the past or the afterlife, but David Sandberg the director of this movie hints that it might be connected to the sisters of Atlas.

The Changing of Greek Mythology

Sandberg admits that the movie takes some liberties with Greek mythology to fit the story. For example, while Atlas did have daughters in Greek mythology, they were not the same characters as the ones in the movie. Also, the use of a golden apple as a plot device is not part of Greek mythology, but it serves as a way for the sisters of Atlas to channel their power.

Who are members of the Shazam Family?

Shazam Family comprises of 6 members who share the power of The Wizard Shazam.

  1. Billy Batson
  2. Mary Bromfield
  3. Freddy Freeman
  4. Eugene Choi
  5. Darla Dudley
  6. Pedo Peña
Shazam Fury of The Gods - Everything you need to know
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1 – Billy Batson

Billy, also known as Captain Marvel, was handpicked by the Wizard to be the Champion and Defender of the Rock of Eternity. He is also known as Shazam. Basically, all members of the Shazam Family transform into their powerful selves when then utter the name of the wizard ‘Shazam’.

Rock of Eternity (yes the same one in Shazam) is a mystical nexus of power that allows the chosen one to wield Shazam’s abilities. So, not only is Billy a superhero but he’s also got magical powers – talk about being a triple threat!

But that’s not all. Billy is also a natural leader. As the first to don the iconic red superhero suit and wield Shazam’s powers, he naturally became the leader of the pack. After all, who wouldn’t follow someone with such an impressive skill set?

He also goes by the name Captain.

These names may sound familiar, as Fawcett Comics created Captain Marvel in 1939. However, DC Comics later acquired the rights to the character, leading to some legal disputes and ultimately resulting in the change of his name to Shazam.

2 – Mary Bromfield

Mary, also known as Lady Shazam might not be as recognized as Shazam, but is still just as powerful and impressive.

Sporting the iconic red suit with the lightning bolt, Mary stands out from the crowd with her unique touch – a skirt. But don’t let her fashion choices fool you, Mary is a force to be reckoned with. As the oldest foster sibling in the Vasquez family, Mary is known for her responsibility and level-headedness. She’s the one who keeps the group in check and ensures everyone stays on task.

Although Mary longs to be the team leader, she understands and respects the fact that Billy was chosen by the Wizard to be the Champion and Defender of the Rock of Eternity. So, she settles for serving as a second in command, which is just as important. Mary is always ready to lend a hand and provide support to her team, even if it means taking a back seat.

In the comics, Mary is portrayed as a fierce fighter who loves nothing more than taking down the bad guys alongside Billy. The two share a close bond in their superhero forms, and it’s clear that they make a great team. Mary’s intelligence and quick thinking, combined with Billy’s raw power, create a formidable duo that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of any villains they come across.

3 – Freddy Freeman

Freddy doesn’t have Billy’s strength but but makes up for it with his quick wit and intelligence.

He is known for his love of all things related to superheroes. He’s loquacious and always ready with a joke to lighten the mood, even in the face of difficult situations. Despite the pain caused by his disability and the bullying he endures because of it, Freddy remains positive and refuses to let it bring him down.

As the best friend of Billy in his teenage form, Freddy provides a unique perspective on the world of superheroes. He’s not afraid to ask questions or challenge the status quo, making him a valuable member of the team. In his superhero form, Freddy wears a blue suit and transforms into Captain Marvel Jr.

In the comics, Freddy is portrayed as a courageous fighter who never backs down from a challenge. His disability may make things more difficult for him, but it also gives him a unique perspective on the world and a determination to succeed despite the odds.

4 – Eugene Choi

Eugene is the resident gamer and a tech whiz.

He’s the go-to guy for any computer or gadget-related problems, and he’s always ready with a clever solution. Despite his immense intelligence, Eugene often appears clumsy and uncoordinated, which can sometimes get him into trouble.

But Eugene is a brave fighter who never backs down from a challenge. He may not always know how to channel his courage properly, but he’s always willing to put himself on the line for the greater good. As a super hero, Eugene dons a gray suit and prefers to hone in on the lightning aspect of his powers, discharging bolts of lightning from his fingers.

In the comics, Eugene is portrayed as a key member of the superhero team. His tech skills and lightning abilities provide a unique advantage in battle, and his quick thinking often saves the day. Although he may not be the strongest or most physically gifted member of the team, his intelligence and bravery make him an important asset.

5 – Darla Dudley

Darla is the youngest foster sibling in the Vasquez family.

She is known for her infectious energy and her deep love for animals. Darla’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. Despite her youth, Darla is wise beyond her years and maintains an optimistic outlook on life.

As a super hero, Darla dons a purple suit and heavily favors utilizing the super speed aspect of her Shazam powers. Her lightning-fast movements are a blur, and she’s often able to outmaneuver her opponents with ease. In addition to her speed, Darla also possesses immense strength and durability, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

Despite her superhero abilities, Darla remains true to her values. She tries to eat vegan whenever possible and has a deep love and respect for all animals. Her kindness and compassion set her apart from many other superheroes, and she serves as a role model for young readers everywhere.

In the comics, Darla is portrayed as a brave and intelligent fighter who never gives up. Her youth and energy give her a unique perspective on the world, and her optimism and kindness are an inspiration to everyone around her.

6 – Pedro Peña

Pedro is a quiet, sensitive, and reserved foster brother of Billy in the Shazam movie.

He may not have the best grades in school, but his perceptiveness and mental acuity are unmatched. He’s a deep thinker who approaches problems with careful consideration and insight. Pedro has incredible strength, both mental and physical.

When Pedro takes on the super hero mantle, he sports a green suit with the same fixings as his siblings. He has the ability to fly and wield super strength, which he often focuses on during battles. His super strength is matched only by his indomitable willpower, making him a formidable opponent for any villain.

Despite his reserved nature, Pedro has a sweet tooth and loves candy and snacks. He’s a bit of a foodie, always on the lookout for new treats to try. This aspect of his personality adds a touch of lightheartedness to the team, and his enthusiasm for snacks often brings a smile to his siblings’ faces.

In the comics, Pedro is portrayed as a loyal and dependable member of the team, always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. His quiet strength and unwavering determination make him a valuable asset in battle, and his perceptiveness and insight are invaluable when it comes to solving problems.

Who is the villain of Shazam: Fury of The Gods?

The villains of this movie are Hespera (played by Helen Mireen) and Kalypso (played by Lucy Liu). These are also the daughters of Atlas. The third daughter of Atlas, Anthea (played by Rachel Ziegler) will also be an antagonist.

But towards the end of the movie, Anthea realizes that what her sister are doing is wrong. Hence, she sides with the Shazam Family.

Who are the Daughters of Atlas?

There are 3 daughters of Atlas

  1. Hespera
  2. Kalypso
  3. Anthea
daughters of atlas
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1 – Hespera

Hespera is the oldest daughter of Atlas and the de facto leader of her family.

Her name is inspired by the Hesperides in Greek mythology, or “Daughters of the Evening,” and she is the Guardian of the Tree of Life. Hespera is a force to be reckoned with, as she seeks retribution for the death of her father and the gods. This puts the Shazamily in her crosshairs, and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Hespera controls the Power of the Elements, which makes her a formidable opponent in battle. Her powers are vast and can be incredibly destructive, making her one of the most dangerous enemies the Shazamily has ever faced.

Despite her fierce nature, Hespera is a complex character with a rich history and mythology behind her. Her connection to the Tree of Life and her status as the daughter of Atlas makes her a strong enemy.

2 – Kalypso

Kalypso is not a Daughter of Atlas to be trifled with. As one of the guardians of the Tree of Life, she wields the Power of Chaos with absolute control over mortals. Her ability to whisper maddening phrases to gain control is both chilling and impressive. She’s the kind of villain that you can’t help but admire, even if you fear her.

Despite being the middle child among the Daughters, Kalypso is undoubtedly the most dangerous. Her insatiable desire to regain the full spectrum of her powers and take revenge on those who wronged her family is palpable. Nothing will stand in her way, not even her own siblings.

It’s not hard to imagine that Kalypso is a character that viewers will love to hate. Her cunning and ruthlessness make her a formidable opponent for the Shazamily, and it will be interesting to see how they confront her.

3 – Anthea

Anthea is a mystery among the Daughters of Atlas. As the youngest of the trio, she possesses the Power of Axis, which allows her to bend Earth to her will.

Anthea will have some chemistry with Freddy Freeman in his teenage form. This will undoubtedly add an interesting dynamic to the story.

Anthea may ditch her sisters in their quest for revenge and switch to Team Shazamily.

What is the future of Shazam?

The director of this movie seems pretty optimistic about Shazam even in James Gunn’s rebooted DCU.

However, likely, you will not see Shazam at least for 10 years now. Although Zachary Levi has not been told to exit the DCU, there are no plans for his future.

James Gunn is focusing on totally different storylines.

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What’s going to be there in the Post-Credit Scene of Shazam Fury of The Gods?

Initially, Wonder Woman was going to show up in the post credit scene of this movie. But with Gunn announcing the news of a rebooted DCU, I thought that she would sit out of this.

But the recent TV spot reveals Wonder Woman showing up. So, she is there.

There were also rumors going about Black Adam vs Shazam movie, but that’s not going to happen now.

Hence, the post-credit scene will tease about Shazam’s potential future in the DCU that might never exist.


Shazam: Fury of the Gods is set to become another flop movie for DCU. Warner Bros and DC’s poor management is the reason for this.

It’s estimated that this movie will earn between $43M and $52M in its opening weekend. However it will only earn somewhere between $101M and $130M in total domestically. This is less than it’s prequel.

Shazam Family deserves better treatment than what they’re getting. Warner Bros is promoting this movie very lightly.

But I’ll keep you posted about the future of Shazam Family.

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