Doctor Doom in Doctor Strange 2

Remember how, Reed Richards was introduced in Doctor Strange 2? Well, you may have missed an minute detail which is an easter egg for Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom and The Kang Connection in Doctor Strange 2
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So, when Reed Richards gets introduced, he teleports through this blue device. Notice the blue rectangular field.

At that time, there was just a tinker in my head about 2 things:

  • What’s that teleportation device? Does it mean something?
  • Reed Richards is indirectly related to Kang the Conqueror. So would it be the same in MCU?

But then obviously, I was busy cheering and was flabbergasted the way The Scarlet Witch took him and tdown easily.

Now, almost 3 months after this movie, the creators of Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse have indeed answered the first question.

According to the Co-producer of this movie, the Blue Teleportation device is indeed DOCTOR DOOM’S time platform. Yes, sounds pretty exciting to me Doctor Strange: M.O.M had the easter egg for Doctor Doom.

Time Platform – Origin

The Time Platform is something invented by the classic Fantastic Four villain Victor Von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom. The time-traveling device was first seen in Fantastic Four #5 in 1962, where Doom blackmails Marvel’s First Family into going back in time and stealing the Stones of Merlin from the early 18th century.

Doctor Doom and The Kang Connection in Doctor Strange 2
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The Fantastic Four then used this Time Platform to travel to ancient Egypt and defeat Rama-Tut a variant of Kang variant.

The Kang Connection

Here’s where things get interesting:

Although, Kang’s history in the comics is a bit confusing but he’s a descendant of both Reed Richards and Doctor Doom.

The Fantastic Four send Nathaniel Richards into the far future using The Time Platform. Richards uses his knowledge of time travel and the technology of many different eras and conquers this future world. This is where he takes the name Kang and vows to conquer other eras as well, with his goal to eventually rule the entirety of history all at once.

Doctor Doom and The Kang Connection in Doctor Strange 2
He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) in Marvel Studios’ LOKI, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Remember, how He Who Remains says that he was a scientist and found universes stacked on top of each other? Well, he’s referring to himself being Nathaniel Richards who in the comics is Reed Richards’ father.

Also, there’s a theory that suggests that The Citadel where He Who Remains was staying was once occupied by Doctor Doom.

MCU is yet to formally introduce Reed Richards and Doctor Doom of Earth – 616 but could this really tie into when we they get introduced?

Let’s hope for the best.

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