Marvel Studios launched the teaser trailer for its most awaited Eternals a few days back.

Now before we even got the first look for this movie, the makers had already said that The Eternals knew that The Avengers exist. The narration in the background supports this fact. So, Marvel has already got this cleared.

The trailer makes it clear that we’ll be seeing a different world; where the Eternals live. That is sort of the plan of Phase 4. Marvel is going to introduce a bunch of new characters from different worlds, tease their powers and develop them properly until Avengers 5.

So, here’s what you need to know:

In the beginning of the trailer, there’s a title track named “End of the World” by Skeeter Davis which is a reference to Avengers: Endgame and that the Earth is threatened multiple times. So, we see the city of ancient Mesopotamia; where the human civilization began. Marvel wants to establish the fact that Eternals have been on Earth since long time and we’re going to see that.

Image Source – Google | Image By – Marvel Entertainment

Hence, we’ll be travelling through time in history in the movie. As this is an origin movie and there are many characters, I would like to see how Marvel develops each character in this limited time. Also, the rumored Celestial Galactus may show up. If not, either way, Celestials are going to be the main villains for this movie.

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The Celestials and The Deviants

In the comics, the characters called Celestials (like Ego and Starlord) create Deviants and Eternals by experimenting on humans. In the movie we’ll probably have a different storyline than the one in the comics. So, the Eternals in the movie will be sent to protect the humans from the Deviants.

Image Source – Google | Image By – Fan Fiction

There’s also a possibility that, there’s a celestial is already incubated on Earth and Eternals are protecting it. Let’s see what happens. Also, I would expect to get a further insight into the Celestials.

The Characters and Their Powers

Basically, the inspiration for all the characters in the comics was from various mythologies. Hence, Eternals are God like characters, have enhanced abilities and live longer than the Asgardians.

Image Source – Google | Image by – Marvel Entertainment

From left to right

Kingo – A samurai, master swordsman and in the movie, he’s a Bollywood star.

Makkari – She can run very fast (just like Flash).

Gilgamesh – He’s super strong as he can control his molecular structure.

Thena – A warrior goddess.

Ikaris – Sort of the leader of Eternals, can fly and can shoot light beams out of his eyes.

Ajak – She’s the leader and respected as the big sister. She’s a warrior and a combatant.

Sersi – Stylish & fashionable but very dangerous when she’s mad. Her powers are transmutation and illusion.

Sprite – She has special powers which makes her to stay young forever. She’s a trickster and an illusionist. She can also alter memories.

Phastos – Can make weapons and regarded as master of weaponry

Druig – His powers telekinesis, limited telepathy, transmuting matter and flying. In the movie, he’ll supposedly be a mole among the Eternals.

Black Knight – He doesn’t have superhuman abilities. But his powers originate from a curse of a sword that runs down in his family. He has been trained by the best swordsman to be a fighter and a tactician. His sword is just like Mjolnir. When he’s around his blade, he’s very powerful. Marvel is saving his look for the full trailer. Black Knight’s character is very important for Marvel.

Now, there are chances that Marvel may make some changes to the way these characters use their powers.

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The Irony

There may be a love triangle between the characters of Ikaris played by Richard Madden, Black Knight played by Kit Harrington and Sersi played by Gemma Chan.

I’m calling this an Irony because in Game Of Thrones Rob Stark (Richard Madden) and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) are the foe of Cersei (Lena Headey). Obviously, fans who would’ve watched the show would know.

The character of Thena played by Angelina Jolie is Thanos’ first cousin in the comics. This is because Thanos was also an Eternal but he was born on Titan.

Where were The Eternals in Avengers: Endgame?

According to the comic book on which this movie is based, Sprite manipulates every other Eternal and makes them forget their powers. Hence, throughout the events in the MCU until now, they’ve remained in hiding.

Where do they live?

According to the a latest merchandise, it is revealed that the Eternals live on the Jupiter’s moon Titan and protect the Earth from the Deviants. This is the same moon where once Thanos lived.

Captain America’s Shiled in the teaser

Cap’s shield is visible twice in the teaser. This is the first scene where it’s addressed indirectly.

Image Source – Google | Image By – Marvel Entertainment

In another scene, where Sprite is on Kingo’s plane, Cap’s original shield can be seen on the background behind the bottles.

Image Source – Google | Image By – Marvel Entertainment

How are Thanos and the Eternals related?

Thanos and the characters which we saw in the trailer belong to the race called Eternals. Thanos is more closely related to Thena. In the comics, Thena and Thanos are first cousins. The way I understand it from sources, Thanos shares the DNA more from the Deviant side and hence his appearance was like what we saw.

Thanos was the child of a different group of Eternals that chose to settle on Titan.

The events in the comics are very vast and well explained. But Marvel will obviously change a lot of things in the movie. As in future, Eternals will somehow cross with other characters in the MCU, there will be references to other characters in the movie.

As for the post credit scenes, I think for now it’s safe to assume that the movie will have two post credit scenes. One will pave a way for the sequel whereas the other will cross path with some other character in the MCU.

That being said, I have very high hopes with Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman i.e. Black Knight character. This is because Kit is a very prominent actor from Game of Thrones. So, I bet that Kevin Feige is going to take that fact into consideration and give him more importance in upcoming movies. Also, I would love to see Kit Harrington go a long way in the MCU.


Marvel Studios is already developing Eternals 2.

Source – Emergence Awesome, & Marvel Unlimited

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