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So now that its over a week since WandaVision was over, I hope everyone has watched it. Those who have read my previous post about this show know that many of my predictions were wrong. But I’m happy because that’s just shows how clever the makers at MCU are. So, I had written a post after the first two episodes were aired. Turns out that most of reveals by the mystery man Daniel RPK were false. Except from the fact that almost all episodes after the initial few episodes ended with a suspense. The most obvious thing about WandaVision was that Wanda was the one responsible for all of this. So, here’s the review for WandaVision.


Director: Matt Shakman

Writers: Peter Cameron, Mackenzie Dohr, Jac Schaeffer, Cameron Squires, Gretchen Enders, Chuck Hayward, Megan McDonnell

Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Paris, Kat Dennings, Evan Peters, Josh Stamberg

Music: Christophe Beck, Alex Kovacs

Budget: $25 million USD per Episode

Genre: Sitcom, Mystery, Superhero Fiction, Romance, Drama

Synopsis: Wanda and Vision start to live a life as a couple in a small town named Westview. Their life soon starts getting disrupted by anomalies outside of Westview. All the events slowly start pointing out to this change in reality created by Wanda.

WandaVision Review
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WandaVision starts with the title of Marvel Studios just like in the movies which then turns black and white. The initial couple of episodes are set in early 30’s and 40’s and that too in the form of sitcom. Its only in the end of the 3rd episode, the show actually starts to make some sense.

The middle of the show is where the supporting characters try to find out what is happening. A little bit of scientific explanation which ends soon. I think this was more of a formality from the makers. Despite of that, the middle is a strong link between the initial and the final episodes or the climax.

If there’s one thing which makes WandaVision a gamechanger, that is its strong and powerful climax. I have already discussed in one of my posts which also hold true in case of a TV show.

How should a good movie be?

WandaVision’s climax gives a proper explanation to almost everything. It is so intelligently created that it answers some questions, raises another set of questions while giving clear hints of Wanda appearing in further MCU projects.

I think the climax of WandaVision was the strongest. This is because in MCU movies, the climax is good mainly because there’s more of action and fight. Here, there’s fight, there’s action, questions answered, questions raised and even direct hints of seeing Wanda in further Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) projects. The part where the show explores Wanda’s past is another epic moment in the MCU.

The climax is a mixture of action and emotions which is good. The dialogues have a deep impact and are well written throughout the show. When it comes to effects, Marvel Studios have a reputation that they’re always perfect and they’ve maintained their reputation in WandaVision.

Coming to the post credit scenes. There are two post credit scenes both pointing in different directions. Although, both of them are good, at least one of them could have been better. WandaVision Review

Character Development

The title WandaVision is also clearly justified as the TV show focuses mainly on the character development of Wanda and Vision. The show gives a deeper understanding of Wanda’s character, her emotions precisely as MCU has never explored her character before.

Now, the only problem with MCU and Kevin Feige is that they don’t clearly define all characters but only those which are important. This has both its pros and cons. This has been the scenario in the movies too. I take it that we’ll get to see White Vision later in MCU but that means there’s now a thing which Ultron wanted but with memories of Vision. But now Vision is without the mind stone. This is where it gets confusing.

Also, they brought Jimmy Woo and Darcy back but didn’t mention where Darcy is now. The creators brought Monica Rambeau from Captain Marvel but didn’t do justice to her character in the climax.


The background music throughout the show is omnipresent. The thing about music in this show is that its there when you need it and not there when you don’t. For those who watched this show with their headphones or earphones, the sound quality was similar to that in a movie. So great job with that. WandaVision Review


Marvel Studios has always been on point in this department since 2008 and has evolved with time. I think this time the creators used the filters which Joss Whedon used in the first two Avengers instead of the filters used by The Russo brothers in the later two Avenger movies. As a result of this, the colors were portrayed beautifully onscreen.

Also, it should be noted that everyone watched this show on a small screen may it be their laptop, desktop or a smartphone. I think that is why it was very important to use the proper filters. There were many scenes which were totally awesome and were greatly filmed. WandaVision Review


The direction was fantastic. This show contained a lot of post-production mainly with the effects and the execution was perfect.


According to me the beginning was weak and didn’t make sense in the first place. But the way the script develops and the plot explains things related to the past is truly awesome.


As already discussed above, this department is one of the strengths of Marvel Studios. I couldn’t see any flaws in this section. In fact, all the effects added to the emotions of the main character.

Like everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, WandaVision is also a must watch for those who wanted to get entertained for at least a few years now.

All in all, the vague beginning of WandaVision slowly starts to make sense with each episode with almost everything being clearly explained in the climax.

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