Spiderman No Way Home This ot leak will blow your mind

There’s always something happening about Spiderman: No Way Home since the beginning of 2021. There were rumors about three Spidermen, Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil & Doctor Strange coming together in this movie.

While the rumor of three Spideys coming together isn’t confirmed yet, Matt Murdock & Doctor Strange are all set to feature in this movie. In addition to this, Spiderman: No Way Home will also introduce the SINISTER SIX which comprises of Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doctor Octavius (Alfred Molina), Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), and Lizard (Rhys Ifans).

Spiderman No Way Home : This plot leak will blow your mind
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Out of these Alfred Molina has already confirmed that he’s in the movie. It’s also been revealed that his story will pick up right from where he went inside the sea in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2.

But all of this aside, a twitter user posted some images revealing what the plot for Spiderman : No Way Home will be. I was blown away after reading the post.

So here’s the plot:

No Way Home picks up right after Far from Home. As Peter Parker’s identity is revealed, he’s on the run. Ned and MJ are with him.

Happy requests Doctor Strange to find them. Strange then finds Peter and his friends and instructs them to lay low in the Sanctum. Strange then goes away to find a solution to their problem.

This is where the problem starts. Peter comes across some kind of prison inside the Sanctum. He finds Goblin, Lizard, Doc Ock, Sandman and Electro locked up in this prison. Green Goblin manages to convince Peter that, the Spidermen from their worlds were corrupted and were killed. Hence, he needs to free them so that they can save their planet. Parker frees them and the villains escape into the city.

When Strange returns he explains to Peter that the villains were being held in the prison due to the instability in the multiverse. He further adds that the instability was a result of each dimension’s Oscorp Corporation experimenting with inter-dimensional travel. Also, it is not Peter’s responsibility to solve the problem he created.

Now Goblin leads all the villains to MCU’s Oscorp facility to steal the inter-dimensional travelling equipment. Peter tries to stop them but is no match in front of the five villains. Strange rescues him and realizes the need for help from other dimensions.

This is where we’ll see Sam Raimi’s and The Amazing Spiderman’s Universe. Tobey Maguire is married to Mary Jane and they have a daughter. On the other hand, Andrew is a college professor.

The villains sense that the Spidermen from their dimensions are coming and open a one way portal and Rhino barges in thus completing the SINISTER SIX. Goblin realizes that to open a two way portal and get back to their respective homes they’ll need a STARK POWER CORE.

Hence, they devise a plan. Every villain except Goblin distract the three Spidermen and fight at the Statue of Liberty. In the fight, Tobey’s Spiderman ends up being beaten very hard and dies. Goblin shows up with the device and Ned. The device activates but the two Spidermen stop Goblin. But he manages to throw a pumpkin bomb and kills Ned accidentally.

Overpowered by emotions Tom Holland’s Spiderman beats Goblin very hard and is just about to kill him. But Andrew’s Spiderman stops him from becoming a villain. Tom and Andrew part ways.

So, Tom’s Spiderman turns himself in and faces trial. Guess who shows up to defend him. MATT MURDOCK. Murdock defends him successfully but cannot do anything about his hiding his identity.

Tom goes to Ned’s grave and talks about how he feels responsible for his death. That’s when Andrew shows up again to give him the responsibility talk. Tom realizes that Ned would still want him to be a hero.

Then we have the final scene of the two Spidermen swinging through the streets of New York.

Now, I don’t know how credible this leak is, but the plot looks convincing to me. Marvel won’t have Matt Murdock dressed up as the devil. At least not right now as this is his first cameo in the MCU. They’ll probably give us some hints about Daredevil and then use him later.

For the other two Spidermen; it makes sense to kill Tobey’s Spiderman and have Andrew’s Spiderman to use it up later. The logical reason; Tobey Maguire is a more prominent actor than Tom Holland, leaving him alive would raise questions if he would be used later or not.

It’s not necessary that Spiderman : No way Home will follow this plot. But this plot is so good, I can literally imagine all of this happening in front of my eyes. But if Marvel finds a way to pull this movie off with another plot, then I’ll be baffled all over again.

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