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Loki Season 2 Episode 3 aired last week. It’s hard to criticize Loki Season 2 so far because it has been on point so far. But after Episode 3, it does feel like script for this show is getting weaker.

Even after 3 episodes, there are no major hints as to where this show seems to be heading. The plot paused this episode as it focused more on Ravonna Renslayer, Victor Timely, and Miss Minutes.

Here’s the official promo clip for Episode 3:

Loki Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Loki Season 2 Episode 3 Review
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This episode brings with a nice classic tune of Marvel Studios. Right from the beginning this is reference that the episode will be focused in the past. The episode is also titled ‘1893’.

Long-forgotten Ravonna Renslayer takes center stage as she steps on the streets in Chicago 1869 in Sacred Timeline. Moments later Miss Minutes joins her. This is where you come to know that, He Who Remains had told Miss Minutes to guide Ravonna Renslayer to the past. All so that she can give young Victor Timely the TVA guide book. That way, Timely would already become ambitious about manipulating time.

Then she jumps to 1893 in Chicago, so that she can convince Timely about who he has to become.

But He Who Remains truly tricked you into believing that his variants could be stopped while he paved way for one of his variants.

Just after that, OB tells Mobius and Loki about Temporal Loom’s problem and they set off to catch Ravonna. Then, you get to the post credit scene moment from Quantumania. All they wanted was to catch Ravonna who would lead them to Miss Minutes. But the fact that they stumble onto Victor Timely changes their mission.

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After Victor Timely has been introduced, you may think that he is dangerous but that is just to throw you off. Timely may have the knowledge of time but he has no intentions of conquering timelines yet. He dupes people with his petty inventions while promising them that they’re worth thousands.

When Loki and Mobius decide to take Timely back to the TVA to solve the problem of temporal loom, Sylvie interferes. The entire scene with Sylvie trying to kill Timely is time consuming and is totally not needed. There’s a moment when you feel like the plot has paused and it’s going nowhere.

Then Ravonna Renslayer and Victor Timely seem to be having a moment. Note that Ravonna Renslayer is Timely’s love interest in one of the comics. You see that the show heads there for a moment but Timely sends her away as he doesn’t do partnerships.

Then there’s the mysterious moment about Miss Minutes explaining her origin. She tells Timely that He Who Remains allowed her to write her own program giving her the freewill. But he never allowed her to take a human form.

This is when the episode is at it’s climax and there’s a faceoff between Ravonna and Mobius & Loki. Sylvie ends the rift allowing Loki to take He Who Remains and sending Ravonna to the Citadel. Miss Minutes then reveals that she has a secret which might make Ravonna angry. But the episode ends there.

Episode 3 is truly mysterious but time stalling

Overall, episode 3 introduces Victor Timely while keeping mysteries about Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer. Loki and Mobius hardly had any part to play in this episode.

The execution is very poor in this episode as it feels like the plot of this show is at pause. Contrary to its fast pace in Loki Season 1, episode 3 feels slow and truly feels like the creators didn’t have anything for this episode.

After a very strong start, Loki Season 2 seems to be heading in the direction of She-Hulk which turned out to be garbage in the end. Hoping that this show picks up with episode 4.

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