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When it comes to disaster movies, there’s one movie whose name is at the tip of my tongue; Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel Studios hyped this movie at a crazy level and Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t live upto the expectations of many of the fans including me. While there are people who loved the light hearted toned and goofed up Thor, I’ll mention the major reason why I consider this movie to be a disaster.

Thor: Love and Thunder misses a very important detail:

This movie misses the explanation of a very important detail which is the Pantheon of Gods.

The Major Reason why Thor: Love and Thunder is a disaster
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The reason why this movie takes place is because Gorr gets his hands on the All Black Necrosword from Knull. After that, he starts killing all the Gods.

But the thing is that when Gods die in the MCU, only physical bodies die. Their spiritual self travels to a different dimension or ancestral plane. This ancestral plane is different for different cultures and beliefs. This is true for even the people who are associated with that culture.

That’s the reason why Steven finds his place in The Field of Reeds in Moon Knight. The Field of Reeds is where people go to in the afterlife when they die. Also, T’Challa’s father is in The Wakandan Ancestral Plane and Jane Foster goes to Valhalla.

Instead of assuming things, Thor: Love and Thunder could have explained this point and made it official. The reason for this that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is going to use the same concept for Killmonger.

Most probably Shuri will travel to the Wakandan Ancestral Plane and seek Killmonger’s help to become the next Black Panther.

What’s wrong with Thor 4?

This movie was aimed at a younger audience and not core Marvel fans. But still, the concept of Pantheon Of Gods should have been explained in this movie. It was a right time to have explored this. The fact that Marvel green lit this movie is still a big question for me.

The reason why Marvel couldn’t incorporate this explanation was the poor script of this movie. Also, Taika Waititi had total control over everything for this movie. If Kevin Feige had interfered, the results could have been different.

Around 2 hours of footage of Love and Thunder was scraped off which also contains scenes of Grandmaester and Eitri. Waititi hammered the entire movie into just 120 minutes. That’s the reason he couldn’t focus on the character development. The moment, Jane Foster started to develop, it was time to focus on the plot and then the movie was over.

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