Marvel Studios is on it’s spree to release more featurettes as Thor: Love and Thunder nears its release. Here’s some Thor: Love and Thunder trivia:

1. Overwhelmingly positive reactions

The early reactions for Thor: Love and Thunder are very much positive.

Here are the highlights:

  • Stunning performances by Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson.
  • A journer that starts with laughs and ends in tears
  • Awesome Visual Effects (Very Colorful)
  • A very important 2nd post-credit scene

For a movie this short, this is a win-win situation for Marvel. However, this still doesn’t yet guarantee that this movie will be good. It’s just that the early reactions focus on the good parts.

2. Thor’s Future

During Thor: Love and Thunder’s virtual press conference, Kevin Feige discussed Thor’s future after this movie.

“Well, there are these things called comic books that have a lot of stories in them, and that’s where all of our stories come from. And the question is, ‘Have you told all the great Thor stories from the comics in movies?’ Uh, the answer is no. There are lots of them.”

Thor: Love and Thunder - 5 Things you need to know
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This clearly indicates that MCU intends to introduce Thor variants in the future. I’ve already discussed in my previous post how this movie will make Thor super strong. So, he may be not around to protect Earth from threats.

In that case, it make sense to have Thor variants around.

3. Jane Foster in Thor Ragnarok

Taika Waititi reveals that after Natalie Portman left Marvel he really wanted her to return in Thor: Ragnarok. But due to the creative differences, this couldn’t work out.

Natalie Portman also reveals the only reason she did Thor: Love and Thunder was to impress her kids.

4. Taika Waititi consulted James Gunn before using Guardians

Taika Waititi revealed that he asked Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn before he used the Guardians for this movie. Waititi even adjusted his script as per Gunn’s suggestions.

James Gunn is know for his creative works such as Guardians of The Galaxy, Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. He’s fond of all the characters he’s shaped on the big screen and hence has a special bond for them.

5. Deleted Scenes

Well, the nightmare of deleted scenes continues with Marvel Studios.

In an interview with Prensaescenario, Christian Bale says:

“Taika just created a really, really, good cast. And everybody else I’m not mentioning as well. I got to work with Peter Dinklage, that’s not in the final film, but I got to work with him. He’s fantastic. I got to work with Jeff Goldblum, he’s not in the final film either. As you see lots of stuff ends up on the cutting room floor, even though it is beautiful, brilliant stuff.”

Thor: Love and Thunder - 5 Things you need to know
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This clearly means that Dinklage’s Eitri and Goldbum’s Grandmaster had some sort of scenes but Taika Waititi decided to scrape them off. Both these characters have already appeared alongside Thor in the past.

Hence, it made sense to see them in Thor: Love and Thunder as well. Apparently, these are not the only deleted scenes. This movie also had Thor had a scene where he dances to an ABAA tune.

But the most controversial of all is the Lena Headey scene. Headey filmed a scene for Thor: Love and Thunder and it didn’t make it to the final cut. Her agency claims that she wasn’t paid for it and hence has filed a lawsuit for outstanding fees.

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