why shuri saw killmonger

In my previous post, I already discussed that Killmonger was going to be there in the ancestral plane even if T’Challa was there in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

I’ve already discussed why people go to different ancestral planes in the MCU. It’s all about the pantheon of gods.

Now you might be wondering that why where were T’Challa and Ramonda when Shuri wanted to talk to them?

Why did Shuri see Killmonger on the Wakandan Ancestral Plane?

There are 3 reasons why Shuri saw Killomonger on Wakandan Ancestral Plane.

1 – Shuri didn’t believe the existence of an ancestral plane.

I’ll point out 3 references for this:

  • In the opening scene of Wakanda Forever you hear Shuri pleading to Bast The Panther Goddess and asking her to save T’Challa. If Bast saved him then Shuri would never doubt her existence.
  • Near the lake when Ramonda asks Shuri to burn T’Challa’s ancient clothing, Ramonda says that she could feel her son’s hand on her shoulder. Shuri denies this straightaway.
  • When Shuri, Okoye and Nakia come to know about vibranium being present elsewhere other than Wakanda, Okoye is in disbelief. She says that she grew up believing all the ancient stories about Vibranium in Wakanda. To this, Shuri taunts her saying that yes, it’s hard to believe those fake stories.
Why Shuri saw Killmonger: Explained
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2 – Shuri used the Synthetic Heart Shaped Herb.

The use of Synthetic Heart Shaped Herb is the major reason why Shuri saw Killmonger.

But I’ll explain this is greater detail:

Shuri made the Synthetic Heart Shaped Herb from the the bracelet given to her by Namor. Here are the two characteristics of this:

  • The bracelet was made from vibranium under the ocean
  • This vibranium was blue in color

Here are the characteristics of the original Heart Shaped Herb used by Wakandans:

  • Made from plant grown land which contains vibranium.
  • Wakandan ancestors are buried on this land
  • The remains of these ancestors mixes with the vibranium
  • Hence, this vibranium is purple is color
  • All of this is absorbed by the plant

Don’t get confused the vibranium on the surface of Wakanda and under the ocean is the same and is blue in color originally. But because the remains of Wakandans mix with the vibranium, the color changes to purple.

Which color mixes with blue and gives you purple?


Red has already been symbolized by the MCU with death. It is the chaos energy in the MCU. But because it mixes with vibranium which is Blue in color, it’s not destructive. Rather, vibranium helped to store the conscience of the Wakandans and that is how all the Black Panthers are connected.

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3 – Killmonger is buried in the ocean

Another supporting reason is that Erik Killmonger’s remains are buried in the ocean. Also, Shuri like his cousin brother wanted revenge. Hence, Shuri saw him.

This is the reason why Shuri has golden spots on her suit just Killmonger had on his suit.

Will Killmonger be back in future MCU projects?

You’ve already seen him in What If. So, Marvel Studios wants to tease you for Avengers: Secret Wars. It’s possible that Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger might be present for a short time in that movie.

What If Season 2 is just around the corner so, he might return again. But I think, that’s it.

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