Avatar The Way of Water review in one word is Experience. If you expected anything more than that you might be disappointed with the movie.

Avatar: Way of Water Review - Just an experience, nothing more
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Avatar: The Way of Water Review

The movie begins with Jake narrating how he begins his family on Pandora. There’s no mention about how much time has elapsed since the first movie but it’s easy to say that this movie takes place around 18–20 years after the first one.

The plot is stretched up and it’s only objective is to make Jake realize that he won’t always be able to protect his family from danger. Avatar 2 shows us how vulnerable Jake has become.

After the first hour of the movie (or the first act), this movie turns into a discovery channel. Cameron wants to show you the underwater world of Pandora and he actually takes his time.

The strength of this movie is obviously the VFX and the way Cameron brings everything to life still amazes me. If you’ve watched this in IMAX 3D than you might as well get lost on Pandora.

That’s the major reason why this movie has done well.

By the time the climax of the movie comes up you have to remind yourself again that there are characters in this movie.

James Cameron wanted the audience to :

  • Experience Pandora’s Underwater World
  • Connect with Jake Sully struggling with his family’s relocation
  • Understand Jake’s position as a father
  • Relate to Sully’s Children

Hence he had to compromise on 2 things:

Character Development

Although, Jake Sully is the central character of this movie, the character development from being over protective to being alright with facing problems. The script is written in such a way that every other character seems to be supporting.

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It’s hard for you to relate to any other character because the screen time for each character keeps on shifting. By the time you try empathize with a character, you’re seeing a different one.

The villain of this movie is very weak. He’s not at all dangerous. Quaritch is rather dumb and cruel. Instead of going on a search for Sully, he could very well have adopted other means to lure Sully in the second act of the movie itself.

What’s the use of being able to access the mind of Quaritch from the first movie if you’re still going to take a long time to get to Sully. This character is stuck on just being able to get to Sully and wants no collateral damage. But still in the end has to do some damage.

Jake Sully on the other is protected by plot armor and so is his family.


The plot of this movie isn’t unique, it’s a familiar trope. It completes the full circle of storytelling but doesn’t have an impact on your mind.

Because of Cameron wanted the audience on a journey, he had to write a long and poor script. The result is an average movie backed by stunning visuals, interesting camera angles and breath-taking action sequences.

Overall, this movie is just a tad bit better than the first one.

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