Scarlet Witch attacks Wakanda

We already saw what happened at Kamar Taj after The Scarlet Witch attacked. But have you ever thought what would have happened if she would have instead Wakanda instead?

In this post, I’ll discuss a brief scenario of what would have happened in Wakanda

Here’s a little fact to this sequence: Doctor Strange hardly ever had any conversation with Black Panther or the Wakandans. Hence, him choosing to go to Wakanda would really mean that Kamar-Taj is incompetent in holding its ground against the witch. But for the sake of this post, let’s assume that he decides to go to Wakanda.

I think a scenario similar to Avengers: Infinity War may arise.

Scarlet Witch attacks Wakanda - An alternate sequence
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Scarlet Witch would definitely have a tough time defeating the Wakandans.

But, you have to consider the fact that Wakanda is currently without a king. T-Chala probably isn’t around during the events of Doctor Strange 2. Although Okoye is fairly capable of giving some fight, but without a king, the soldiers are without a definite plan even if it’s as simple as holding their ground.

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Okoye and the others who recognize Wanda would probably be surprised at first and try to talk her out of attacking. But Wanda would warn her just like she warned Doctor Strange. Even though with Wakanda’s strong defense shield, The Scarlet Witch would find a way to infiltrate. Once the shield is down, all the soldiers are an easy kill for her.

That’s because Wanda is corrupted by The Darkhold and hence she’s The Scarlet Witch. So, she just has to think about winning, taking someone down or killing and The Darkhold does it for her.

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She doesn’t have to stress about the specifics or see the abilities of whoever is against her. That’s the reason it’s called Dark Magic.

That’s how she was able to take down The Illuminati.

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