wakanda forever 5 new details revealed

Just a few hours ago Marvel Studios released a new footage of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which reveals five new details.

Marvel is trying to misguide fans saying that whatever they’ve guessed about the New Black Panther is wrong. Let’s breakdown this footage for the details:

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Long Live Wakanda

1 – Namor

This footage begins with Namor’s close up and you can see him threatening Ramonda. As seen previously, you can see Namor leading The Talocans against the Wakandans. In one of the scenes which seems to be happening somewhere near Wakanda, M’Baku attacks Namor but is able to do no damage to him.

You also see him flying, using his winged feet.

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2 – New Black Panther

You can see the claws of the New Black Panther in this footage as well. But what’s new is that you can see this Gold in this suit. Now, look carefully and you’ll see that this suit is lean and petite meaning a female (most probably Shuri) is wearing this. In addition to that, when this female Black Panther does this acrobatic stunt, her vibranium gauntlets are revealed.

Wakanda Forever: 5 New details revealed
Image Source – Marvel

They seem to be releasing a blast of kinetic energy which has been absorbed by the suit. This is another hint of Shuri being the Black Panther as she has used the gauntlets as her choice of weapon in the past.

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3 – Riri Williams / Iron Heart

In the new footage, you can see Riri Williams being protected by the Dora Milaje. There seems to be some kind of chase sequence happening in Boston, Massachusetts. Someone from the government may be after her.

Wakanda Forever: 5 New details revealed
Image Source – Marvel

In one of promotional footage, you saw her building her Mark 1 armor out of cars. But after, she goes to Wakanda, she builds another armor out of Vibranium. This is her Mark 2 armor which is more advanced than her previous one.

In this scene here, you can see her fighting against Namor in her new armor.

4 – Midnight Angels

Midnight Angels are a sub-group within the Dora Milaje. They become active during dangerous situations. You can see the first look at Midnight Angels; Nakia (on the left) and Aneka (on the right) seem to be a part of this group.

midnight angels
Image Source – Marvel

There seems to be conflict between Midnight Angels and The Dora Milaje and Ramonda seems to be the cause for this.

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5 – Ramonda

Although, Ramonda doesn’t appear much in this footage, her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gets clearer. When Namor caused destruction in Wakanda, Ramonda may end up in Europe in the UN.

She may assume assumes Shuri to be dead and hence she says, “I lost my entire family is gone” and then announce a war against anyone who comes near Wakanda. The Mignight Angels may be operating on her command.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever marks the end of Phase 4. This movie surely has all the elements to be the best movie of Phase 4. Currently, Spiderman: No Way Home holds this place in terms of box office collections, character development and plot.

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