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In the previous post, I gave a brief idea about the genres of movies and web series. So, in this post I want to discuss how all of that works.

Nowadays, most of the movies are doing very good of sticking to a genre. Basically, what happens is halfway into a movie you’ll realize where does this take place. Some movies provide a very good explanation of everything that happens in a movie whereas some don’t.

I’ll elaborate my point using some examples.

Let’s take any movie, say IP man 2. I know it has 4 parts but each of the movie has the following genres in common: Action, drama, martial arts & historical fiction.

How should a movie be
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Now if you’ve watched any of the parts and then you read my previous post about genres then you’ll feel how good all the parts are just in terms of sticking to the genres. It has fighting scenes related to martial arts, it is set in the past and yes there are some scenes which one may think that might not have happened in reality but can happen. The scenes are not absurd or opposing the genres which the movie falls in.

So, what happens with it? It gets a good score on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.     

Let’s take another example, say Angel has fallen. The genre which it falls in is action and thriller. It has all the elements of both these genres but some of the things are not right.

How should a good movie be
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In this movie, the protagonist Mike Banning in the movie exists in the real world. This means the character can get affected by bullets and concussion by a grenade just as a normal human being or soldier would. But in the climax, this fact is being overlooked when Banning recovers quickly from the concussion of a grenade. I haven’t even gone into how the effects and story, I wanted to point out only this point.

What happens with this movie? It gets barely above average rating on IMDB and below average score on Rotten Tomatoes. Obviously that’s not the only point contributing to this score but you get my point of the movie being average.

Let’s take an example of a movie from an industry where majority of movies hardly strict to genres. The movie which I would like to discuss about is Saaho which falls under the genre action, action thriller and thriller. It does not fall under fiction and fantasy which is surprising but we have to assume that the movie does fall under the missing genres.

How should a movie be
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Many of the scenes are missing logical explanation. What happens with this movie? It gets rated below average on IMDB and gets a poor score on Rotten Tomatoes.

There’s hardly any rule book for making a good movie and a bad rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t mean that the movie didn’t make profit especially when it comes to Bollywood and Tollywood. The liking for a movie in case of Indian movies depends on the casting and studios.

I just picked some random movies trying to prove my point of a movie sticking to a genre is important. But this may not always be true like in the case of Transformer series, none of the five parts have good score on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. But at least the first four transformer movies are amazing and I couldn’t find any fault related to genre.

How should a movie be
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So, in my view I would like to say that the basics of making a good movie or web series is establishing the world or universe where it takes place. Also, I would like to defend Hollywood movies from people’s comments like: “You can believe that Superman can fly or Thor is the god of thunder but you cannot believe if one single person can defeat 20 people alone?” with the above statement.

Further explanation of this would be the genre of Man of Steel is Superhero, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action and Adventure. Which clearly means that this movie takes place in the Universe of Detective Comics(DC) where such things are possible.

Hence, for making a movie, it becomes essential to set-up certain boundaries which your story or the characters won’t break. All the things should be clearly defined and well explained to the audience such that it removes absurdity.

That according to me is how a movie should be.

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