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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is all set to release next week. While The Rock has been working very hard to promote this movie, there’s a lot of commotion on the internet around this stuff. This post will help clarify your doubts about this movie.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details:

Who is Black Adam?

Black Adam and Shazam get their powers from the same God. The only difference is that the former’s powers aren’t distributed like Shazam’s.

Teth Adam was born into slavery and his family was killed in front of him. You can hear him saying this in the trailer as well how his son sacrificed his life for him. Then as he gets his powers, he destroys Kahndaq in rage and becomes Black Adam. Seeing his rage, the wizard Shazam freezes him.

Black Adam is almost as powerful as Superman. His powers include enhanced strength, endurance, flight and the use of lightning. He is an anti-villain and doesn’t care for the loss of life. He draws his power from 6 Egyptian Gods:

S – The stamina of Shu

H – The Swiftness of Horus

A – The Strength of Amon

Z – The Wisdom of Zehuti

A – The Power of Aten

M – The courage of Mehen

The Plot of Black Adam

This movie takes place 5000 years later when Isis, played by Sarah Shahi awakens Black Adam. He doesn’t know what time he’s in and hence he kills the mercenaries that fire at him. All of this takes place in the modern day. As soon as this happens, Black Adam is instantly on the radar of Amanda Waller. She sees how unstoppable he is and hence sends the Justice Society of America (JSA) to take the matters into their hand.

black adam
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The JSA try to convince Adam to stop fighting. Doctor Fate from the JSA tells him that he’s seen the future where Adam is ruling the Earth. But there’s a possibility that he helps humanity as well. But we see Adam resisting the JSA in the trailer. Until he finally agrees to help.

What is the Justice Society of America (JSA)?

justice society of america

The Justice Society of America is team of superheroes dealing with threats just like The Justice League. JSA consists of Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate and Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman who are older and mature members. Noah Sentineo’s Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone are the recent additions to this team.

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Who is the villain of Black Adam?

The villain of this movie is Sabbac. It’s a weird name because, it’s not an actual name. Sabbac is the short form for:

S – Satan

A – Aym

B – Belial

B – Beelzebub

A – Asmodeus

C – Crateis

sabbac black adam
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These are the six demons who grant Sabbac their powers once someone takes this name. After the host, takes this name, he’s struck by a bolt of black lightning only to transform into a demon. Sabbac can breathe fire and can grow in size.

We’ll see the JSA and Black Adam go against Sabbac.

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Is Henry Cavill in Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson has been very vocal about bringing Henry Cavill back in the DCEU to play the Superman. The battle between these two characters has already been hyped up by the fans. There’s been a leak on twitter about the post credit scene of this movie.

Here’s what the video reveals: Henry Cavill as Superman, stepping out from a veil of smoke, confronts Johnson’s Black Adam and says, “It’s been a while since anyone’s made the world this nervous.”

That’s a very big easter egg for Cavill returning in the DCEU. This also teases a future fight between these two characters.

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