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Just a few hours ago, Marvel Studios and Sony finally released the much awaited teaser trailer for Spiderman No Way Home and its breaking the internet right now.

I’ll explain my analysis of how this movie will explore the multiverse and how the creators changed the plot slightly.

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First of all if you’ve read my above posts, you’ll know that almost everything about what I predicted turned out to be true.

Plot of the movie

Its pretty clear from the teaser trailer about the plot of the movie. Peter goes to Doctor Strange to see if Strange can help him. Dr. Strange then casts a spell which alters space and reality. This bridges the gaps between parallel universes, thus inviting other villains. We’ve already seen them in the previous Spiderman movies.

Spiderman No Way Home Teaser Trailer: Explaining the Multiverse

Just as Peter Parker is sighs thinking that his problem has been solved, he encounters Dr. Octavius and gradually all the other villains. Obviously, he gets defeated easily by them. Then he goes to Dr. Strange again and that’s where we see him telling Dr. Strange realizes that Peter will need help and thus he opens the doors for Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman and Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman.

There’s also another way this can happen. Just after Dr. Strange opens the gateway, it also leads two Tobey’s and Andrew’s Spiderman into the sacred timeline. Then there’s reporting of multiple Spideys across New York. Tom’s Spiderman thinks that this is some kind of illusion cast by Mysterio. Hence, before the three spidey’s get together, we may also see them fighting with each other.

Another remarkable thing which Marvel Studios & Sony is going to do is that they’re going to recreate all the iconic scenes which we had previously seen. So we’ll be getting

1. The train scene with all three Spider-Men, Doctor Strange and Dr. Octavius

2. The fight scene with Electro, Mysterio, Rhino and three Spider-Men, Dr. Strange and hopefully Daredevil at Time Square

The ending will then be same like the one which I explained in my plot leak post. Marvel Studios have to kill Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman as Maguire is far more prominent than Tom Holland. If they don’t do that, then there obviously will be theories in the future about seeing him again.

Now, if they keep all of them alive, they’ll have to seal the gates of multiverse forever which will be a problem for many future movies from Doctor Strange : In the Multiverse of Madness till Avengers 5. So, they won’t keep all the three Spideys alive.

I’m not sure how about when they’ll come up with Matthew Murdock showing up. This can be either in the beginning or in the end when Peter finally realizes that he’ll have to except the reality. He’s about to face the trail and Murdock shows up.

But another leaked trailer shows Matthew Murdock dressed up as Daredevil and fighting beside Dr. Strange. Now, if that’s a legit trailer, then they’ll straight away show Hell’s Kitchen. As the villains start showing up at the same time, it causes chaos in the whole city and Murdock has to get in the Devil’s costume.

Then, we’ll obviously have post credit scenes; 2 for sure. But we’ll get updates about them as we near the release date. As of now, the only update is :

Both Tobey’s and Andrew’s Spiderman have matured a lot and hence they’ll fight a lot better than Tom’s Spiderman. There’s also a possibility of Miles Morales showing up. He’ll be seen from Andrew’s universe. The end credits will tease Doctor Strange : In the Multiverse of Madness. And, the Scarlet Witch is supposed to show in one of the post credits scene.

Explaining the Multiverse

The whole concept about this movie is what He Who Remains and the TVA were doing. That is stopping the alternate timelines meeting each other. When two timelines meet, that is what creates a nexus event, which is exactly what Kang and the TVA prevented from happening. Not only that, those nexus events then led to He Who Remains’ variants conquering the universe.

Spiderman No Way Home Teaser Trailer: Explaining the Multiverse
Image Source – Quora | Image by – Athena Holmes

This is what’s exactly happening in Spiderman : No Way Home. Remember, how He Who Remains explained that there are Universes, lying on top of each other? These lines are just the references for those Universes. Now, He Who Remains found a way to bend all the universes into one sacred timeline.

Spiderman No Way Home Teaser Trailer: Explaining the Multiverse
Image Source – Google | Image By – nerdist.com

Now, with him gone, there’s no TVA. So, no one is going to stop Dr. Strange with anything he does with time.

Spiderman No Way Home Teaser Trailer: Explaining the Multiverse
Image Source – Google | Image By – animatedtimes.com

Now, here’s the nexus event in Spiderman : No Way Home.

Sacred timeline 2

When, Dr. Strange alters reality, it opens a gateway between all the universes. That gateway can be at any point of time. But as we’re seeing all the villains alive, its safe to assume that the gateway was opened before they died.

Forget about the order you’ve watched the movies in the past. There’s a range of possibility here.

These villains may co-exist in the same universe. For e.g., Lizard and Rhino may be from one universe and Electro from other universe. Same goes for Green Goblin, Sandman and Dr. Octavius.

Also, Tobey’s Spiderman may or may not have encountered Dr Octavius, Sandman and Green Goblin yet. Same is the case for Andrew’s Spiderman.

This is why, we’ll see the past iconic fight scenes of Spider-Man movies in a totally new way. We’ll see all the three Spider-Men and villains fighting in those scene now.

But in the end, the pathway must be closed or there will be chaos. This is exactly how, Sony plans to connect its characters such as Mobius and Venom in the future with Marvel Studios. This is the reason why Loki was the best show ever. It opened the gates for Marvel Studios to do all the things they wanted to do.

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