The San Diego Comic Con 2022 (SDCC 2022) commences today and there are some major attractions this year. Marvel Studios is expected to announce some major projects.

Here are the 15 major announcements you can expect from Marvel Studios from SDCC 2022:

They still have a handful of projects for Phase 4.

1 – Thunderbolts

Marvel has already announced movie for Thunderbolts and we even know some of its members. But Marvel is yet to announce an official release date and the plot. It’s highly possible that we get more insights about Thunderbolts at SDCC 2022.

SDCC 2022: 10 Major Announcements you can expect from Marvel
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Thunderbolts is like Marvel’s suicide squad. This team will be led by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Marvel may later address her as Madam Hydra. Her character arc is similar to Nick Fury but she is very mysterious. It’s hard to make out if she’s working for the government or against.

She has already appeared in Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Black Widow. So Marvel is already weaving the some type of plot for the Thunderbolts in the background.

2 – Young Avengers

Phase 4 is all about experimentation and targeting greater audiences for Marvel Studios. We have already seen Marvel targeting different genres such as Horror with Doctor Strange: M.O.M, teen drama with Ms. Marvel and anime with What If?

Well, Marvel Studios is all set to take this one more step ahead by targeting the younger audience with the Young Avengers. As the name itself suggests, this team will be comprised of young members. This project is not yet officially announced. Hence, it’s a possibility of getting more details on this.

3 – Wonder Man

Marvel Studios is already working on the script of Wonder Man series for Disney+. This is a new character and not everyone will have heard of Wonder Man. Wonder Man has strong connections with The Scarlet Witch and White Vision. Marvel had already filmed a cameo for Wonder Man in Guardians of The Galaxy 2 but this scene was later scraped off.

SDCC 2022: 10 Major Announcements you can expect from Marvel
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In the Comics Simon Williams is a movie star who later becomes Wonder Man and falls in love with The Scarlet Witch. Both then eventually join the West Coast Avengers. Marvel Studios is adopting more and more content from the comics and presenting it in the form of Disney+ shows.

4 – X-Men/The Mutants

With Professor X’s arrival in Doctor Strange 2, Marvel has already teased us with the mutants arrival in the MCU. Deadline has already confirmed that the X-Men movie in the MCU will be titled The Mutants.

With the rights of X-men with Marvel, this will be the biggest project of this studio. I’m positive that Marvel will share at least some details about this.

5 – Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 be the most anticipated movie to get an official release date. Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy have already given some public insights about this movie.

Initially, when this movie was under the banner of Fox, it was written along with Deadpool and Wolverine. But now the situation has changes and hence it’s been re-written.

6 – Avengers: Secret Wars

Phase 4 has hinted several times at a Secret Wars movie. The Russo Brothers too have said that this would be greater even than Avengers. They said that they would have to put a lot of work if this movie was ever green lit.

This is more of a fan service movie and finds a place in my list because there’s a lot of hype around it. I’m not sure that at this point Marvel would announce a Secret Wars movie. But if they do, consider the internet to breakdown.

7 – Animated Panel

Marvel studios had a separate panel for its animated projects such as X-Men 97, Spiderman Freshman Year, What If Season 2 and Marvel Zombies. These projects have already been announced.

8 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

This is Marvel’s next big movie for this year. It has a release date of 11th November 2022. We should be getting a teaser trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

This movie will introduce new characters such as Iron Heart and Namor. The mantle of Black Panther will supposedly taken by Nakia and T-Challa’s son.

9 – Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion too should get an official release date. This series is based on how Skrulls have been living as humans since a long time. It will star Emilia Clarke and Samuel L Jackson.

10 – Fantastic 4

Marvel Studios announced Fantastic 4 two years ago. However, they still haven’t started filming this movie. Marvel is currently looking for actors for this movie. We may be get more insights about this project as well.

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