When it comes to The Batman, fans are more excited about The Joker. He is one such character who is more popular as a villain than the hero itself.

In this post, I’ll explain the major reason why The Joker is so popular.

DC is notoriously famous for its variety of characters. DC further has a unique reputation with how each of its villain is twisted and plays with the minds of the hero.

Why the Joker is popular?

The joker is a very famous psychological character of DC. This character became more famous after Heath Ledger’s iconic performance as Joker.

But the main reason why Joker is famous with Batman fans is because JOKER is more of an ideology rather than a character.

As the name itself implies, he’s a character on which someone can laugh upon. A clown in the circus is meant to entertain people. He’s the one who takes the hits and falls but still gets up laughing with a smile.

But when this same character is in the dark and grim world of DC, things are different.

What are The Joker’s characteristics?

So far, The Joker has been seen 7 times in ‘live-action’. Each time he has been played by a different actors who have added their own unique characteristic to Joker.

Major Reason why the Joker is popular
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It can be said that he is twisted in his own way and sets an atmosphere of eerie. He’s unpredictable and nobody actually knows his true motives. He may already knows Batman’s identity but still wants to play with him without revealing the same to others. He wants chaos.

He’s a nobody and has no origins. Nobody knows his past. He’s a creepy fellow who tells different stories about his past depending on the situation. He’s manipulative and can make any situation favorable for himself.

Different actors who have adorned the role of this character have added their own unique characteristic to Joker.

Joker’s Future

DC owned by Warner Bros. has a reputation for having multiple actors for a single character without ever focusing on anything. This is a studio purely based on short sightedness.

Given this situation there is enough room for more actors to take up the mantle of this character.

Until now, this character has been written by different writers with different storylines and with different purposes. This is another reason why each Joker is different. This also gives rise to many possibilities with what this character can do.

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