Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness gave the audience serious chills by introducing The Illuminati members.

Marvel Studios surely teased us with The Illuminati of Earth – 838. Recently, the creators even said that Earth – 616 may get their Illuminati in the future. Even for the small amount of time The Illuminati members had in Multiverse of Madness, they were able to steal a lot of cheers.

The only reason they met their way in a sad way was because the script was written in that way. Besides they were up against The Scarlet Witch fueled (corrupted) by The Darkhold.

Multiverse of Madness - The Illuminati Members Ranked
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In this post, I’ll rank The Illuminati members on the basis of their fighting ability against The Scarlet Witch.

7. Karl Mordo

All Mordo did was just fight with Earth – 616 Doctor Strange proving how easy it is to trick him. He may have some tricks up his sleeve but still this puts the only living member of The Illuminati in the last spot.

6. Doctor Strange Supreme

Doctor Strange Supreme or Earth – 838 Doctor Strange was another member that did face The Scarlet Witch. As already mentioned by Reed Richards, they had to kill him as he was corrupted by The Darkhold.

He was also dream walking to find way for defeating Thanos. Had he faced Wanda, the competition would have been very interesting to watch as both of them would have used The Darkhold against each other. Nevertheless, this puts Doctor Strange Supreme on number 6.

5. Reed Richards

Reed Richards is the leader of Fantastic Four and head of the Baxter foundation where The Illuminati had its chamber. Richards is introduced by Mordo as The Smartest Man alive. But he soon becomes the dumbest man the minute he warns The Scarlet Witch about Black Bolt. Seconds later, extending himself to go against her proves to be fatal for him.

Richards is very intellectual and also has invented the time platform we see when he’s introduced. He may prove to be a useful asses when he’s introduced on Earth – 616 but in Multiverse of Madness his character surely wasn’t justified.

4. Black Bolt

Multiverse of Madness revived Black Bolt and made it much better than he was in The Inhumans. The way he uses his sonic voice to end Doctor Supreme’s life is just amazing on his part. He’s the king of Inhumans and seems very compliant to fulfill other members of The Illuminati.

But when it comes to battle against The Scarlet Witch, he doesn’t get any chance. The minute his face get sealed, he probably gets confused as from where he would let out his voice and is the first member to fall.

3. Captain Carter

Captain Carter is shown pretty strong in the Multiverse of Madness. Part of this is also because she’s supposed to be similar to Captain America (Steve Rogers).

But if you carefully notice Carter just freezes when the Scarlet Witch is killing her fellow teammates. Steve Rogers would never have stood by watching his friends die or rather anyone die.

She uses her shield very well and even dodges a couple of times but in the end she’s only human. Carter meets a very cruel fate.

2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel lives up to her name and reputation in Multiverse of Madness. Amongst all the members of The Illuminati, she gives The Scarlet Witch the toughest time.

But because of The Darkhold, The Scarlet Witch absorbs her energy which doesn’t allow her to use her binary form. (Binary form is what makes Earth – 616 Captain Marvel massively strong.) Hence, even Captain Marvel falls before The Scarlet Witch.

1. Charles Xavier

Multiverse of Madness - The Illuminati Members Ranked
Image Source – Google | Image By – Instagram

Charles Xavier did the best than all the other members of The Illuminati. He reached the root cause of the problem. Professor X literally went inside Wanda’s mind to help her escape from The Scarlet Witch.

He even reached closer to help Wanda who was trapped inside a bunker. But just then Scarlet Witch found. But Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness did very well especially with Professor X.

He’s character seems to be unchanged from what we have seen in the past.

He’s a leader, mentor, friend and guides everyone to walk on a path to avoid killing. Professor X has met a similar fate in the past as well. It’s sad to see such a wonderful character die multiple times but still staying true to his purpose.

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