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THE BATMAN brought the darkness and grimness back into the DCEU. As already discussed in my previous post, Batman’s character is directly related to Gotham.

One of the main reason, Bruce Wayne puts on his bat suit is to protect Gotham. THE BATMAN movie literally described that how corrupt everyone is in Gotham.

But because it was a movie, it couldn’t lay better focus on it’s supporting characters. Developing them was not even an option.

The sole reason of this post is that there’s also a TV Series named ‘GOTHAM’ which was developed by Warner Bros & Fox. It aired from 2014 to 2018 and has 5 season and is on Netflix currently.

Gotham : The Most relevant & underrated DCEU series
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Gotham Series focuses highly on the city of Gotham, it’s corruptness and unfolds many of its dark secrets. Not only does it give a proper origin story to each and every character but also it develops every single one of them.

Yes, the writing is a bit lousy during the first couple of seasons but the plot keeps you gripped right from the third season till the very end. What’s more is there are many interesting characters from the DC in this TV Series.

More importantly, Gotham Series nicely explains the underworld rivalry between Carmine Falcone & Maroni. It also beautifully shows how Oswald Cobblepot becomes the Penguin.

Gotham : The Most relevant & underrated DCEU series
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The development of Edward Nigma into The Riddler is also another beauty of this show. It depicts how Nigma’s character has psychological problems which makes him into this villain.

GOTHAM also shows Joker which I find a lot better than Jared Leto’s joker. It’s quite different than Joaquin Phoenix’s or Heath Ledger’s joker. But it’s quite interesting to see how intriguing this character is.

Gotham : The Most relevant & underrated DCEU series
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Amongst all this chaos, there’s Alfred, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and of course Jim Gordon who have very very strong character developments. Their morals are challenged every now and then. Despite all of that, these characters overcome all the odds and stay true to what is right. Jim Gordon’s character is played exceptionally well Ben Mckenzie.

It’s sad that despite Gotham series being so accurate, it still stays underrated.

Gotham vs THE BATMAN

Now, I know this is a far-stretched comparison and in no-way can a movie be compared with a TV Series. But Gotham series is a must watch for people who don’t know the DC world. This series can clear a lot of doubts about the secrets of Gotham.

Also, the casting is solid. Once you watch this Series, it’s pretty hard to fit other actors which play the same role especially Jim Gordon. The Batman was quite long it would have been better if the characters especially The Riddler and Jim Gordon were given more depth.

This series also shows how the city is ruled by the COURT OF OWLS. This is what Batman’s sequel will be focused on.

I highly recommend Gotham to anyone who wants to understand Batman and all its characters.

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