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Marvel Studios was successfully able to acknowledge the death of T’Challa in Black Panther 2. By doing so, they temporarily gave the mantle of Black Panther to Shuri while also promising another recast in the distant future.

But would you like to know what Ryan Coogler had in mind with the original script with T’Challa as Black Panther? That’s what this post is about.

Wakanda Forever was meant to explore T’Challa as a person

Black Panther 2: Script with T’Challa as Black Panther revealed
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Coogler started to write a draft for Wakanda Forever just after the first movie.

Here are a few things that old and new scripts have in common:

  • Introducing Talocan and Namor
  • Seeing Killmonger on the Wakandan ancestral plane
  • Introducing Synthetic Heart Shaped Herb
  • Introducing T’Challa’s Son

But the old script focused largely on T’Challa.

Basically, Black Panther 2 was about T’Challa dealing with the time he lost when he was snapped during the events of Infinity War. At that time, Nakia was pregnant. T’Challa didn’t get to see his son growing up and even in his absence Wakanda continued to flourish.

So, the idea was to showcase the personal side of T’Challa. Wakanda Forever was about how vulnerable he was as a person, father, son and husband.

Ryan Coogler was also working to use Chadwick Boseman’s personal qualities to influence Black Panther’s character in the MCU.

Introduction of Talocan and Namor was always going to be there. The only change made was that US was going to invade Wakanda. This is something that will happen in the future now. In Phase 5 a war for Vibranium will break out.

Another change was that instead of Ramonda dying, it was either Okoye or M’Baku who was going to die. Namor would have defeated T’Challa and left him to die and hence the need for synthetic heart shaped herb would arise.

Overall, I think the script was not as great as the first one but still very impactful as T’Challa was involved.

Although, Marvel found their way with this movie without Chadwick Boseman, I still think that Boseman’s absence was felt in Wakanda Forever.

He will always be a true king, a Black Panther that MCU deserves.

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