Marvel Studios has set all hands on deck to create the hype for Thor: Love and Thunder. So far, we’ve got 2 trailers, a few featurettes and many images just like we got for Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness.

If you no idea about this movie, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll cover all the trending questions in this post about Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder – Trailer

Let’s get into some of the important things here:

When do the events of Thor: Love and Thunder take place?

The events of this movie take place parallel to events of Spiderman: No Way Home and overlap the events of Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. That’s why Doctor Strange doesn’t show up in this movie. There’s an Easter Egg in Spiderman: NWH when J Jonah Jameson’s broadcast is talking about a strife in new Asgard.

Why do Thor’s Eyes have same color?

Thor: Love and Thunder - Plot, Future and More
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If you see the image above you can see that the color of both the eyes is same. In Avengers: Endgame when we last saw Thor, this wasn’t the case. If you’re wondering the reason why this is, it’s because his fake eye is cybernetic. This means that it can change its color and hence Thor can make it seem like whichever way he wants.

Thor: Love and Thunder – Plot

Before I answer any other questions, let me get into the plot of this movie. The reason why we’re getting this movie is because Marvel wants to make Thor more powerful. So, at the end of this movie, Thor will attain the power level of Rune King Thor which is the most powerful he has ever been.

This means that he will reach his full potential and reach the level of Odin. After that he will just keep travelling other worlds such as Olympus to solve their issues because he will be too powerful to handle earthly problems. So, even if Kang shows up, Thor won’t be around.

From the trailer itself its very clear that Thor is hanging out with the Guardians now and he has given up the path of violence. Thor is searching for his true purpose and has chosen peace.

Thor: Love and Thunder - Plot, Future and More
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His search for peace is shaken up when he comes to know about Gorr who is on a spree to kill all gods. When Thor sees Gorr’s path of destruction he comes back to Asgard where Valkyrie asks him for his help.

In search of Gorr, Thor ends up in Omnipotence City where he meets his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster who can now wield the Mjolnir. After that they go to Mount Olympus which is ruled by Zeus. There they have a council of gods just like we saw in Moon Knight.

During this council Bast the panther Goddess complains about how dangerous Gorr is and that he must be taken down. Maybe she’s her concerns are ignored by everyone and no action is taken. Gorr then shows up at Mount Olympus and kills Zeus. Thor then realizes that he must do something and assembles a team to fight Gorr.

Guardians of the Galaxy will also play a small role in this team.

There are a few gaps right now but this is how the events of Thor: Love and Thunder take place in general.

What is Omnipotence City in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Omnipotence City is Marvel Studios’ adaptation of a city of the same name from the comics. Before mankind came into existence, all the Gods got into a big war. They destroyed everything around until they realized that they had to come to a truce. So when they did, they did built this city as a symbol to mark their truce.

Thor probably knows about this symbolic representation and hence decides to go to this city to obtain some information from Gods.

Pantheon of Gods – Explained

What’s important from this point in the MCU is the way Pantheon of Gods is set up. There are many different Gods in the Marvel. So far we’ve got to see Gods of 3 Cultures – Asgard (Odin, Thor & Hela), Wakanda (Bast – The Panther Goddess) and Egypt (Khonshu, Tawaret and Ammit).

Now, here’s where things get interesting. When Gods die, they don’t totally die, only their physical body does. Their soul goes to a different realm. Now, this realm is different according to different cultures and beliefs. So, Odin’s powers are somewhere in a different dimension just like Khonshu and Ammit.

Gorr – Origin

This is where Gorr comes in. Gorr is just a regular alien with no remarkable powers. He was once a happy man who was forced to see his family taken away from him. Because his prayers for salvation went unanswered, Gorr comes to a belief that Gods don’t exist. When he tries to preach the same to his tribe, he’s exiled for this.

While he’s wandering the wastelands, he witnesses a battle between two gods where he comes to a realization that if Gods don’t answer the prayers of their subjects, they don’t deserve to live.

He then claims the All-Black Necrosword from the loser God which gives him gives him powers and thus his quest to kill all gods start.

Gorr – Powers and Abilities

Now, remember how I just discussed the pantheon of Gods where part of their soul or powers go after they die? Well, when the All-Black Necrosword is used to kill a god, they die permanently. Their aura isn’t trapped anywhere else, they just cease to exist from every world or dimension.

That’s the reason, why Gods are terrified of Gorr.

Thor: Love and Thunder - Plot, Future and More
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The Necrosword also gives Gorr immortality and powers like enhanced strength, speed, durability, regeneration and flight. In addition to that, Gorr can use this sword to create razor-sharp constructs or living minions called Black Berserkers.

In Thor: Love and Thunder though, Gorr’s powers are explained with this monochrome filter in any scene he’s around. The Necrosword seems to absorb all colors around it. gif maker 9
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Thor – Costumes

We will see Thor wearing a few different types of costumes throughout this movie.

Ravager Costume

When Thor is with the Guardians, he wears this costume. This is also accurate to Eric Masterson’s costume in comics.

Thor: Love and Thunder - Plot, Future and More
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Avengers: Endgame Costume

Then as you can see in this scene, Thor is wearing his old costume.

Thor: Love and Thunder - Plot, Future and More
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New – Comic Accurate Costume

We’ll see Thor for a majority of time in his new comic accurate costume where has a new helmet and colors blue & gold in it.

Thor New Costume
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Jane Foster – Mighty Thor

Jane Foster becomes The Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie will surely explain her worth to lift the Mjolnir. But there’s a tragedy involved with Jane’s story.

Thor: Love and Thunder adapts the cancer storyline for Jane. She has cancer but while she lifts the Mjolnir, the toxins seem to weaken their effect on her body. Yet, her cancer doesn’t get fully cured.

While the early reviews for this movie are overwhelmingly positive, some reviews also say that the climax involves tears. This may mean that Jane Foster dies in the end. Although, nothing can be said for sure with Marvel Studios.

Why was the Mjolnir not destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok?

There’s one theory which says that when Hela destroyed Mjolnir she didn’t break Odin’s spell. This enables anyone who’s worthy to lift the pieces of Mjolnir or the ground on which the pieces fell.

This seems plausible at this point but you’ll have to wait for an actual explanation if the Thor: Love and Thunder chooses to provide.

Thor: Love and Thunder – Post Credit Scenes

There are 2 confirmed post credit scenes for this movie. So, the first one will be a loose set-up for Thor 5 whereas the second one is a lot more surprising.

Thor: Love and Thunder – My thoughts

The biggest red flag with this movie is its runtime. Thor: Love and Thunder clocks under 2 hours which makes it a rather average movie. Only Marvel Studios can choose to make a $200 million dollar action comedy movie.

Given the importance of Thor, this movie should have been over 2 hours. This movie may feel rushed and getting on point very quickly because of its length. There will be no time for the plot to distract Thor from his path. Word-building will be used to its best and Marvel Studios will get away with it.

None of the reviews talk about the plot or the character development because that’s the weakness of Thor: Love and Thunder. But this movie will be absolutely accurate in terms of action and effects.

Though comedy was not something I would have expected from Marvel Studios at this point. But it is what it is. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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