Venom : Let there be Carnage

Less than a week to go for Venom 2, or Venom : Let there be Carnage and this movie is already turning all the attention towards itself. Majority of the attention is because just after Loki’s finale, Marvel struck a deal with Sony that they could use Sony’s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Tom Hardy and director Andy Serkins too have been talking about what their plans are about introducing Venom into the MCU. Without wasting any more time I’ll layout everything you need to know about Venom 2.


The plot of Venom 2 is pretty much clear from the trailer. Cletus Kasady is in prison because of the articles that Eddie Brock had written. He wants to see Brock and then bites him. Kasady’s DNA mixes with Brock which also contains Venom. This later spawns Carnage.

Kasady wants revenge from Brock and hence we’ll get a ton of fight scenes between Carnage and Venom. Carnage also frees his girlfriend Shriek from Ravencroft. Carnage also goes after Brock’s ex-girlfriend Anne Weying. It’s also possible then Venom takes Anne as host just like in the first movie.


Sony did a fantastic job with filters and colors with The Amazing Spiderman movies. But since the first Venom movie, they haven’t been on point with effects and filters. The first Venom movie wasn’t high on plot and was a total layback in terms of effects, filters and colors.

What I mean to say is almost all the action scenes in the first movie were in the dark. So, much of the effects seemed to me like the effects used in a high-end video game. They weren’t on point and up to the standards of Marvel.

Venom 2 just like its prequel carries the same sort of disadvantages. At many points, there’s blurring from the camera and, the sound effects are never great. The sound is just not as great as the fight scene is; the base is always missing.

All of this was pretty much clear from the trailer itself. Also, the trailer gave away many of its major scenes. I hope that the movie still has more action scenes than the ones in the trailer.

All of these cons arise mainly due to the runtime of this movie which is a mere 97 mins. This means that, there will be very less room to develop Eddie Brock and Venom as characters. That’s because the plot will be busy setting up Carnage, Shriek and maybe Toxin. Just as Carnage is spawned by Venom, Toxin is spawned by Carnage when it bites Detective Mulligan.

The possible end mentioned by the people who’ve watched the screening is that Carnage doesn’t die in the end. Because Eddie Brock is a host with morals and ethics, this ending is totally possible.

Venom and Spiderman Cross Over

Just as the movie is about to end, things start getting very interesting for Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same people who watched the screening, also mentioned the big post credit scene for Venom 2.

After the events with Carnage are over, Eddie Brock goes to a hotel room and walks through a portal. The room on the other end of the portal is similar to the one from which he walks. Brock turns on the TV and there’s the video of Mysterio playing in which he reveals the identity of Spiderman to be Peter Parker with Tom Holland’s face.

This is the same video which we see in the end of Spiderman : Far from Home.

To explain this better, look at this image below:

Venom : Let there be Carnage - Everything you need to know

Marvel Studios is just going to explain everything ongoing with the help of this image.

Note : I had this explanation in my mind since the release of Spiderman : No Way Home’s trailer. It’s just a coincidence that, Emergency Awesome too has the same explanation for the cross-over. However, many other details are sourced from this channel.

So, we’ll be getting Venom crossing over with Tom Holland’s Spiderman in the future to fight of Carnage. Carnage is a major villain of Spiderman in the comics. So, it’s totally possible of getting a crossover movie. But apart from that, Sony will continue to keep its other characters separate.

The above image also explains Marvel Studios bringing its other characters into the main timeline.

This speculation also rises a possibility of the post credit scene of Spiderman : No Way Home. We could see a post credit scene with Venom in it.

Venom 2 will release on October 1, 2021.

Let’s hope for the best.

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