Marvel Studios released the final trailer for Eternals. It gives a better insight of what the movie is going to be about. I’ll give a better insight of what this movie is going to be about and my thoughts on it.

The trailer starts with Salma Hayek’s character Ajak(leader of the Eternals) explaining about their origin. She straightaway gives the hints that Eternals is set right after the events of Avengers : Endgame.

Most of the things from my previous post of eternals still hold true except one. Ajak seems to be giving us the reason as why the eternals didn’t interfere before. The reason is Arishem – The Judge.

Eternals Final Trailer - Saving the BEST FOR THE LAST
Image Source – Google | Image by – thecinephilehub

The rest of the trailer is just a showcase of all the action that’s going to happen. We mostly see Ikaris, Thena, Kingo, Sersi and Phastos. In the teaser trailer we’ve already seen Druig. What’s new with this trailer is we get to see a better look at the Deviants.

The plot of Eternals

From everything we’ve seen, this is how the plot of the movie can be. The movie will supposedly start giving us an idea of how the Big Bang created cosmic energy which was enough to create the Eternals. They then played with the genes of the beings on many planets.

When they did the same with Earth, we got The Deviants which were cruel and The Eternals who are the protectors. Now comes the plot twist. When in the trailer, Ajak said that they were sent to protect the humans, that is not absolutely true. They were actually sent to protect another Celestial, which is incubating inside the Earth.

Eternals Final Trailer - Saving the BEST FOR THE LAST
Image Source – YouTube | Image By – Marvel Entertainment

This place which we see where Sersi has wandered off is actually where the key to the plot of this movie lies. The antagonists of this movie aren’t actually the deviants but the Celestials. Humans are actually the food for whatever this is being incubated inside the Earth.

Druig who is like a rogue Eternal may have an idea about what Arishem – The Judge’s intention is.

Guardians of the Galaxy celestial
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Arishem – The Judge is just like the Celestial Eson -The Searcher which we first saw in The Guardians of The Galaxy (2014). The main aim of Celestial is to make more Celestials, so they search planets, incubate them with their eggs (MCU may change this term) which when in their primal form eat the life out of the planets. In this case, humans will get eaten or something similar to getting doomed.

Saving the Best for the Last

But the trailer didn’t show one character at its best. The character whose story is going to be very vital after Eternals. The actor whose playing this character has won millions of hearts in the past only to disappoint them in the end.

Here’s the character…

Eternals Final Trailer - Saving the BEST FOR THE LAST
Image Source – Google | Image By – thecinephilehub

Kevin Feige has talked highly about getting Kit Harrington to work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He finally found a proper role for Kit and it was Black Knight a.k.a Dane Whitman.

The powers of Dane Whitman origin from a curse which has passed down his family for generations. That’s the curse of a sword. When he wields the sword, Black Knight is as strong as Thor. This is the reason why I’m excited to see how MCU explores his story.

Given the strong reputation that Kit Harrington carries from Game of Thrones, he’s a perfect fit for playing the character of Black Knight in Eternals. The casting of Phase 4 has been and is going to be precise, accurate and perfect.

Also, Black Knight, Ikaris and Sersi will be seen in a love triangle. So, let’s see whom among the Starks gets the girl who apparently is named Sersi.

We’ll also have some more clips from the movie as we go near its release date. Let’s see how everything turns out.

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