In the first episode of She-Hulk in you see a space ship in front Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner. As the design of this ship is similar to that of Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, fans are speculating that it might be Skaar – Son of Hulk in the ship.

Who is Skaar? What’s his story?

In one of the comic series Planet Hulk The Illuminati banishes Hulk to Sakaar. We already saw the MCU’s version of this planet in Thor: Ragnarok, where the war lords enjoy warriors fighting for their entertainment. The Hulk along with other fighters overthrows the Red King and becomes the King of Sakaar.

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Hulk marries the former lieutenant of Red King Caiera and later bears a child named Skaar. The twist in the story is that Hulk thought that Skaar died with Caiera in a spaceship explosion. Hence, he returns to Earth to avenge their deaths and which initiate the events of World War Hulk.

Skaar ages rapidly and becomes the new hero of the planet Sakaar. When he visits Earth to kill the Hulk, he finds out that the War Hulk is different from Bruce Banner. Skaar stays on earth and considers it his home.

How could ‘She-Hulk’ set-up Skaar Son of Hulk?

Marvel started giving importance to Bruce Banner and hence we lost Hulk. This series could open up the gates for Marvel to use Hulk again.

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She-Hulk teases Skaar Son of Hulk Storyline
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Bruce Banner acknowledges that the space-ship was a Sakaarian Class 8 ship. He also addresses this issue casually as one of the perks being Hulk. Banner than also confirms that during his time on Sakaar, he doesn’t remember anything as ‘The Green Guy’ took control of everything. But this casual statement itself could be an easter egg to set-up Skaar.

As per one theory, the MCU Hulk may have married someone from Sakaar and have a son. Hence, Hulk’s wife and son may have come to Earth looking for him. She-Hulk could tease this off in a post-credit scene.

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