Marvel Studios is creating the hype for She-Hulk by releasing new featurettes and new images from the show. Marvel has released a new clip which shows Daredevil in his new yellow comic accurate suit.

Daredevil: New Yellow Suit in She-Hulk
Image Source – Google | Image by – disney+

There were rumours of Daredevil appearing in Spiderman: No Way Home. But it was Matt Murdock who showed up to help Peter Parker as he is a lawyer.

On Saturday, Disney released a series of official images from She-Hulk. The set of images is peculiar and looks just like a poster at first glance. However, on clicking on any one of the image, a bigger image is revealed. There are actually two images; in the top image, The Devil just seems to have landed on top of a car where he’s barely visible.

In the bottom image, you can see Daredevil listening/focusing on something as he appears to be in a combat. Now, the design of the suit is very similar to the Netflix’s version which clearly means that the Netflix series is now cannon to the MCU.

But obviously Marvel has to do something different for his suit and hence you can see the yellow, gold-like coloring in places throughout the suit, including the helmet, referencing Daredevil Yellow by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, and the yellow and black costume Daredevil wore in the comics.

How will Daredevil fit into She-Hulk’s plot?

Not much details about this have been revealed. It’s possible that we may see The Devil for a short amount of time due to the fact that a majority of the events of She-Hulk take place in California. The Devil primarily resides in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. So, it’s possible that Walters goes to New York and gets caught up in some events.

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But if Daredevil has to show-up in California then the stakes would have to be high. This is also entirely possible because we will see him in Echo and Daredevil: Born Again. So, She-Hulk may set-up some kind of back story for his character.

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