shazam 2s major cameo leaked in this spoiler

The latest TV spot for Shazam 2 confirms that Wonder Woman will appear for a cameo.

It’s just a weak marketing move from Warner Bros. Shazam 2 is set to be a disaster on the box office. Hence, by showing Wonder Woman, WB wants to cash in on this movie.

But for what this is worth for, this revelation has caused many to wonder about the reasons behind her inclusion in the film and how it ties into the larger DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

What is Wonder Woman doing in Shazam 2?

Wonder Woman’s revelation in the TV Spot has caused many to wonder about the reasons behind her inclusion in the film and how it ties into the larger DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Shazam 2: New TV spot Confirms Wonder Woman's Cameo Appearance
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The confirmation of Wonder Woman’s cameo appearance in Shazam Fury of the Gods is a significant moment for the film. It indicates that the DCEU is still in effect. While the DCEU is in the process of a reboot through the upcoming events of The Flash movie, it hasn’t completely rebooted yet.

There were rumors circulating for some time about Wonder Woman’s cameo in the movie. However, due to the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 and the reboot of the DCEU, her cameo appearance was put in question.

The Difference Between Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Cameo Appearance

Henry Cavill’s Superman cameo appearance was removed from The Flash movie. Gal Gadot still got her cameo in Shazam 2.

Here’s the difference:

As long Gadot’s cameo doesn’t violate Gunn’s rebooted DCU, Wonder Woman can exist.

In other words

  • Wonder Woman
  • Shazam
  • Aquaman
  • The Joker
  • The Batman

are termed as ‘elseworld’ projects. This means that all these characters can still exist in a separate universe outside of James Gunn’s rebooted DCU.

What is the future of Gal Gadot after Shazam 2?

Gal Gadot might come back for another cameo in The Flash. However, nothing is confirmed about this.

The upcoming series Paradise Lost focuses on events before Wonder Woman’s birth. Hence, the chances of her appearing there are slim. James Gunn is currently not sure about Gal Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman.

It’s possible that you are seeing her as Wonder Woman for the last time.

Potential for Future Cameo Appearances

James Gunn has indicated that there is a possibility for actors from the previous DCEU films to return in cameo appearances as long as they don’t break the new canon.

The Shazam characters are particularly hopeful for their return.

However, this is just James Gunn’s way to stay neutral and generating a hype. It’s going to take a lot of time to see any of the DCEU characters in Gunn’s rebooted DCU.

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