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Marvel Studios just shook up its release schedule by delaying six upcoming movies from the MCU. In the months and years following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, delays seem to be a new normal for Marvel. This comes as Marvel Studios’ release strategy continues to change, particularly as the studio deals with some backlash after the start of Phase 5 didn’t meet the expectations MCU fans had set.

Marvel Studios Release Schedule

In case you don’t want to go through the whole post, here’s the update release schedule of MCU:

  • Deadpool 3 – May 3, 2024
  • Captain America: Brave New World – July 26, 2024
  • Thunderbolts – December 20. 2024
  • Blade – February 12, 2024
  • Fantastic Four – May 2, 2025
  • Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – May 1, 2026
  • Avengers: Secret Wars – May 7, 2027

Marvel Studios Release Schedule: Six New Movies Delayed

A major news announcement from The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Marvel Studios will delay the releases of six upcoming movies in the Multiverse Saga. One of the major reasons is because of the ongoing writers’ strike.

1. Captain America: New World Order

Marvel Studios Shakes Up Release Schedule
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The title for Captain America: New World Order has been changed to Captain America: Brave New World.

Originally intended to be the penultimate film in Phase 5, this movie will now release nearly three months after its original May 3, 2024 date on July 26, 2024. Despite the writers’ strike, production for Captain America 4 seems to be moving along smoothly, with the cast and crew working hard to bring Sam Wilson’s first solo movie to life.

2. Thunderbolts

thunderbolts 1
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Only a few days after officially beginning production, Thunderbolts had its shoot halted due to the writers’ strike. This highly-anticipated team-up movie had to push its release date in Marvel Studios release schedule from July 26, 2024, to December 20 of the same year. While rumors about the film’s plot being reworked have surfaced, nothing official is out yet.

3. Blade

Marvel Studios Shakes Up Release Schedule
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Blade, one of the most troubled movies in the upcoming slate, has faced multiple issues, including director changes and script rewrites. Its release date was set for September 6, 2024, but now it has been pushed back to February 12, 2025.

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Reports have emerged of Mahershala Ali expressing his frustration with the production status of Blade, eager to make his long-awaited debut in the MCU. As an acclaimed actor, Ali undoubtedly has a vision for his character and wants to ensure that Blade receives the treatment it deserves. The hope among fans is that these frustrations will spur the studio to iron out the details swiftly, allowing Blade to finally take flight.

4. Fantastic Four

fantastic four
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Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four generated significant hype, and it has now been pushed to Marvel’s premier release slot on May 2, 2025. The studio is currently assembling a highly-anticipated cast, but there haven’t been any recent updates regarding the start of filming.

The decision to move Fantastic Four to a May release date is a strategic move by Marvel Studios. May has historically been a month associated with major MCU releases, often marking the beginning of the summer blockbuster season.

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Films like Iron Man, The Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 have all thrived in the May slot, setting the stage for the Fantastic Four to make a grand entrance. This placement not only indicates the studio’s confidence in the project but also raises expectations for what this new iteration of Marvel’s First Family will bring to the table.

5. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

avengers the kang dynasty 1
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With the Fantastic Four taking the May 2, 2025 slot, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty was moved to May 1, 2026, following the tradition of its predecessors. Despite the unstable state surrounding the movie due to Jonathan Majors’ court case, you can be rest assured that Marvel is working hard to assemble its mightiest heroes.

Following the monumental success of the previous Avengers films, expectations for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty are sky-high. With a track record of breaking box office records and delivering awe-inspiring spectacles, the bar has been set impossibly high for this new installment.

The anticipation for what Avengers 5 will deliver in terms of story, character development, and jaw-dropping action sequences is palpable.

6. Avengers: Secret Wars

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Avengers: Secret Wars, the anticipated sequel, is also delayed. Marvel Studios wants to give it the same spotlight as its predecessors, so the release date has been pushed from May 1, 2026, to May 7, 2027. While plot details remain scarce, rumors suggest that Marvel plans to introduce characters from across the Multiverse.

Avengers: Secret Wars is poised to be the culmination of years of storytelling, character development, and interwoven narratives. Marvel Studios has consistently raised the bar with each Avengers film, captivating audiences with awe-inspiring visuals, emotionally charged moments, and jaw-dropping action sequences.

All of which is pointing to a very obvious 2nd Secret Wars movie.

Avengers: Secret Wars might be developed into 2 movies namely:

  • Avengers: Secret Wars 1
  • Avengers: Secret Wars 2

The release date for Secret Wars Part 2 will be somewhere in the year 2028. Marvel still has a couple of years until it makes Secret Wars 2 official. Marvel Studios release schedule may undergo changes again.

Despite the setbacks, there is still ample time to iron out the details and deliver unforgettable blockbusters.

The only movie which moves ahead of the schedule is Deadpool 3. It will release on May 3, 2024 instead of November 8, 2024.

Marvel Studios continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood, adapting to unforeseen challenges while keeping you on the edge of their seats.

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