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The 10th installment of Fast and Furious franchise is here and is getting mixed reactions. It’s due to the fact that The Fast and Furious family keeps on pulling the impossible.

Fast X continues its legacy of physics-bending stunts. In this post, I’ll discuss 7 facts about this franchise. It’ll open your eyes and everything will make sense.

1 – Enhanced Individuals

Set in a universe where ordinary laws of physics and biology cower in fear, this epic series introduces us to a group of individuals who possess the remarkable ability to withstand the power of a thousand hammers to the face. Move over, Superman, there’s a gang of automotive demigods ready to defy all logic and reason!

dom and hobbs
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In this extraordinary world, forget about the mundane dilemmas of normal people like taxes, mortgages, and existential crises. Our heroes, or should I say, superhumans, are blessed with the gift of high durability. This allows them to shrug off punches, bricks, wrenches, and even hockey sticks like pesky mosquito bites. Who needs invincibility when you can casually brush off a direct hit from a two-ton truck without a single scratch?

2 – The Fast and Furious Family has access to Metals from Marvel and DC Universe

In the realm of the Fast and Furious franchise, Dom and his family drives cars which are more than mere vehicles. They are forged from the metals of the gods themselves! Move aside, Marvel and DC, because the Fast and Furious family has unlocked the secrets of Adamantium, Uru, and Vibranium.

uru vibranium adamantium
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This family creates a fleet of invincible, awe-inspiring rides that could put Iron Man’s suit to shame!

Adamantium can withstand the force of a thousand Hulk smashes. Hence, the Fast and Furious family uses this metal to craft the very chassis of their cars. You heard that right, folks. These vehicles are not mere machines; they are practically indestructible fortresses on wheels.

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Normal cars don’t stand a chance against the thunderous impact when one of these Adamantium beauties touches down from a graceful glide through the air. It’s like witnessing a demolition derby where the cars being demolished are made out of wet tissue paper.

But wait, there’s more! Uru, the mystical metal hailing from Asgard, has found its way into the Fast and Furious universe. This wondrous material bestows upon their cars the power of flight. That’s right, folks. These vehicles can soar through the skies like majestic eagles, defying the laws of gravity with a casual disregard.

Who needs an airport when you can simply rev your engine, engage the Uru-powered booster, and take off into the wild blue yonder? Just be sure to watch out for low-flying aircraft and the occasional superhero looking to join the high-speed fun.

And let’s not forget about Vibranium, the coveted resource from Wakanda. With cars laced with this extraordinary metal, our heroes can laugh in the face of danger as rides can withstand the impact of nuclear blasts. While ordinary cars crumble into a pile of scrap metal, these Vibranium-infused wonders stand tall, proud, and completely unfazed.

It’s like witnessing a game of cosmic ping pong. The explosions bounce harmlessly off the surface of these invincible machines. The Fast and Furious family truly knows how to make an entrance. By entrance, I mean obliterating everything in their path.

If you’re tired of the mundane world where cars are simply modes of transportation, the Fast and Furious franchise is for you. You will witness a realm where vehicles are forged from the stuff of legends.

3 – The Fast and Furious Family defies the laws of Physics

In the Fast and Furious Realm, the laws of physics cower in fear. Also, normal human beings are left scratching their heads in utter disbelief. In this extraordinary universe, our fearless family of daredevils has managed to unlock the secrets of defying gravity. The basic principles of motion have been turned into mere suggestions.

fast and furious defying laws of physics
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Picture this: our intrepid heroes find themselves hurtling through the air. All while defying the very concept of gravity as if it were a mere inconvenience. While us mere mortals would be plummeting to a bone-crushing demise, this enhanced family defies all odds and defies the laws of physics with a casual flick of the wrist. They jump, soar, twist, in mid-air. You think they’re about to become squashed bugs on the windshield of reality. But no, they miraculously land on their feet with the grace of a swan on roller skates. It’s like watching a high-stakes game of “Will they make it or will they become street pizza?” Spoiler alert: they always make it, because gravity has no power over the Fast and Furious family.

But that’s not all, folks! Our superhumans have also mastered the art of running on falling objects. Yes, you heard me right. While you would be scrambling for cover, praying to the powers that be for a soft landing, this fearless family treats falling debris like their own personal Olympic track. They sprint, they leap, and they conquer the laws of physics with the agility of a caffeinated cheetah.

Who needs solid ground when you can turn a collapsing skyscraper into your own personal marathon course? Forget about safety, folks, because the Fast and Furious family has transcended the need for mundane concepts like gravity and structural integrity.

And let’s not forget about their uncanny ability to survive shockwaves that would make an earthquake blush. While the rest of us would be reduced to quivering puddles of jelly in the face of a powerful blast, this unbreakable clan brushes it off with the ease of a Sunday stroll in the park. Buildings may crumble, windows may shatter, but not a hair is out of place on their impeccably coiffed heads. (Oh, wait most of the family doesn’t even have hair.)

They are the embodiment of resilience, the masters of shrugging off explosions like pesky mosquito bites. Move over, science, because the Fast and Furious family has rewritten the rulebook on surviving cataclysmic events.

4 – Dom worships Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Dom is not only a master of driving cars and defying physics but also a devout follower of the almighty Goku from Dragon Ball Z! Yes, you heard that right. Dom and Goku share a special bond when it comes to dealing with their adversaries. Move over, family, it’s time to make room for some interdimensional bromance!

dom and goku

Just like Goku, the spiky-haired hero with a heart of gold, Dom has taken a page from his playbook when it comes to dealing with villains. Instead of pummeling them into oblivion, he chooses the path of friendship and understanding. It all started with Hobbs, the hulking law enforcement agent who initially wanted nothing more than to put Dom and his crew behind bars. But, lo and behold, through the power of charisma and a few heartwarming exchanges, Dom manages to convert his sworn enemy into a loyal ally. Who needs therapy when you can just sit down and have a friendly chat, right?

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This trend of befriending foes has become the new normal for Dom. Gone are the days of simply defeating the bad guys and calling it a day. No, no, no. Now, it’s all about sharing a cold one, exchanging life stories, and possibly even inviting them to the next backyard barbecue. It’s like witnessing a support group for reformed villains, where they can all gather, share their experiences, and bond over their mutual love of street racing and melodramatic one-liners. Yes, it’s a heartwarming sight, indeed.

It’s all part of their grand plan to convert every villain into a fast and furious family member. Who needs enemies when you can have a team of reformed baddies by your side? And remember, just like Goku, Dom is not afraid to unleash the power of friendship and understanding upon the world.

5 – No one is really gone

It seems this family has taken a page out of the comic book playbook, where death is nothing more than a mere inconvenience. Forget about grieving or accepting the loss of a loved one, because in the Fast and Furious franchise, unless you see the body, there’s always a chance that the character will come back to life. Move over, Lazarus, we’ve got a whole family of eternal souls in the mix!

Fast and Furious: 7 Insane Facts You Never Knew About the Franchise

It all started with Letty, the tough and tenacious member of the crew who miraculously returned from the grave, much to the surprise of her friends and the audience. It turns out that a little case of amnesia and a conveniently timed car explosion weren’t enough to keep Letty down. Nope, she came back stronger than ever, ready to resume her rightful place at Dom’s side. Who needs closure when you can just throw a twist like amnesia into the mix, right?

But the surprises didn’t stop there. Enter Han, the fan-favorite character whose death was mourned by many. But wait, what’s this? In a twist that would make soap operas blush, it was revealed that Han had miraculously survived his apparent demise. That’s right, death is nothing more than a minor inconvenience for our beloved characters.

They can survive fiery explosions, crashes, and all manner of catastrophes without so much as a scratch. It’s like playing a game of “Guess Who’s Back From the Dead?” and never knowing who’s going to pop up next.

And now, drumroll please, it’s time to welcome Giselle back from the abyss! Just when you thought the concept of resurrection had reached its peak, the Fast and Furious franchise throws another curveball. Giselle, who met a tragic end in a previous installment, has made a stunning comeback, defying the very laws of mortality.

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It’s like witnessing a cosmic game of whack-a-mole, where no character can truly stay buried for long. Who needs consistency or the finality of death when you can just bring back anyone you like with a well-timed twist or retcon?

If you find yourself mourning the loss of a beloved character in the Fast and Furious franchise, take a deep breath and remember: “No one is really gone” unless you see their body six feet under, surrounded by mourners, and perhaps even with a choir singing their eulogy. Otherwise, there’s always a chance that they’ll make a triumphant return, ready to kick some serious ass and throw a wrench into the carefully crafted narratives of mourning and closure.

6 – Hacking

Move aside, tech geniuses of the world, because Ramsey and Tej are here to show you what true hacking prowess looks like. These two computer whizzes have mastered the art of infiltrating any electronic device known to mankind. Need to hack into a military tech system? No problem! Want to create a super-advanced surveillance device called the “God’s eye”? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! It’s like watching a live-action version of “Hackers Gone Wild.”

ramsey and tej
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First, let’s meet Ramsey, the fierce and fabulous hacker extraordinaire. With her dexterity at the keyboard, she can crack even the most fortified security systems faster than you can say “firewall.” Need access to classified government files? Just give Ramsey a cup of coffee and a keyboard, and she’ll have you waltzing through their virtual gates with ease.

Forget about encryption and layers of protection, because Ramsey laughs in the face of digital locks and firewalls. It’s like watching a cat effortlessly swatting at a mouse pointer on a screen. In Ramsey’s world, hacking is as easy as pie, and she’s serving up an all-you-can-hack buffet.

And let’s not forget about Tej, the mastermind behind the technological wizardry of the Fast and Furious crew. When it comes to creating advanced gadgets and outsmarting even the most cutting-edge tech, Tej is the go-to guy. Need a device that can track anyone, anywhere, at any time? Say no more, because Tej can whip up a little something called the “God’s eye” in no time.

This incredible contraption has the power to locate anyone on the planet using nothing more than a satellite network. It’s like playing a game of hide and seek where you always know where everyone is hiding. Thanks, Tej!

This deadly duo can hack into your smartphone, your laptop, your smartwatch, and even your toaster if it has a Wi-Fi connection. There’s no digital fortress they can’t breach, no encryption they can’t crack. They are the heroes of the cyber underworld, the masters of digital manipulation, and the epitome of “hacktastic” brilliance.

7 – The Fast and Furious Franchise is an advertisement for Muscle Cars

In the high-octane world of the Fast and Furious, muscle cars reign supreme and product placement hits you like a 2-ton wrecking ball. Have you ever wondered why Dom and the gang have an insatiable love affair with Dodge Charger and Challenger?

Fast and Furious: 7 Insane Facts You Never Knew About the Franchise
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That’s because the Fast and Furious franchise is essentially an extended advertisement for these mighty metal beasts. Move over, Hollywood, because Dodge is ready to claim its title as the unofficial producer of this pedal-to-the-metal extravaganza.

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Let’s be honest here: The Fast and Furious franchise has a thing for muscle cars like a bee has a thing for honey. Every film is an opportunity for Dom and his crew to showcase their collection of Dodge Chargers and Challengers, flexing their muscles as if they were bodybuilders on a catwalk.

It’s like a never-ending parade of automotive eye candy, tantalizing our senses and making us crave the raw power and unapologetic masculinity of these American beasts. Forget subtlety or moderation, because when it comes to muscle cars, more is always better.

It’s like watching a two-hour infomercial disguised as an action-packed blockbuster. Don’t believe me? Just count the number of close-ups and slow-motion shots dedicated to capturing the sleek curves and roaring engines of these automotive wonders. It’s practically a love letter to Dodge, with explosions and car chases thrown in for good measure.

The Fast and Furious franchise is a testament to the power of imagination, a celebration of the absurd and the outlandish. It takes the ordinary world we know and injects it with a shot of adrenaline, transforming it into a playground for our larger-than-life heroes. So, if you’re tired of the humdrum existence of mere mortals, join the Fast and Furious family and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of invincible humans defying all odds!

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