loki season 2 episode 4

Loki Season 2 Episode 4 is a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. In episode 4, things take a wild turn, which will leave you at edge of your seat.

Initially, the God of Mischief, Loki, and his gang had a plan. Their mission was to fix the TVA’s Temporal Loom before it went haywire. Sounds simple, right? But nothing is ever straightforward in the world of Loki.

When Sylvie took out He Who Remains in the first season’s finale, the multiverse started expanding at an alarming rate. New branching timelines began popping up like fireworks on the Fourth of July. This chaos posed a real threat to the TVA. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

However, Loki Season 2 Episode 3, Loki and Mobius manage to find Victor Timely who might prove to be helpful to solve the problem. Timely is a variant of He Who Remains, the mastermind behind the TVA and the Sacred Timeline.

Did the timelines explode in Loki Season 2 Episode 4?

Loki Season 2 Episode 4
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Yes. Loki and his team wanted to expand the Temporal Loom’s capacity with the help of a “Throughput Multiplier”. The multiplier would be able to manage the influx of new branched realities. But the loom overloaded before the expansion could be completed. It was a shocking twist that no one saw coming.

The temporal radiation became overwhelmingly powerful and Victor Timely turned into Spaghetti, the moment he stepped outside onto the loom. Loki, Mobius, OB, Sylvie and Hunter-B-15 were equally surprised as you were and they lost all hopes of getting the loom fixed.

So, Loki and his gang ran out of time and the timelines exploded ending the episode with a cliffhanger.

Is Loki dead?

Yes and no. Here’s what producer Kevin Wright has to say on the time lines exploding:

Well… reality is gone. Loki’s going to… have to bring reality back somehow, so I think time will tell how he figures out how to do that. We discussed it as being like a nuclear explosion met with a slow volcanic eruption. But temporal energy is the same technology used in the TVA’s prune sticks, so you never know where everyone has gone.

via Tech Radar

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Hence, technically even if Loki and his gang are dead, they’re still present somewhere. According to Wright, temporal energy and pruning sticks work similarly. Hence, it’s possible that Loki along with everyone is back in the void.

However, General Dox and her minutemen are surely dead. I’m not yet sure what happened with Hunter-X5 a.k.a Brad Wolfe but he might end up in the void as well.Loki brings everyone back to the TVA

What’s yet to come in Loki Season 2?

Now, that the timelines have exploded, there might be a better way to fix the branched timelines. According to Loki Season 2 producer, episodes 5 and 6 are the best. However, I think that everything depends on the last episode as it will not be ending with a cliffhanger.

Loki Season 2 will be the end to all your questions about timelines and variants. There will not be any explanation provided further.

But there are a lot of scenes from the Loki Season 2 trailer that you have yet to see like:

  • Hunter B-15 appearing to be a doctor
  • Casey going down a narrow corridor
  • Loki in a TVA jumpsuit (this might be a future attempt to stabilize the Temporal Loom)
  • Loki outside a jet ski dealership

Loki brings everyone back to the TVA

There’s a theory that says that after the timelines exploded, everyone is sent to their original timeline. Mobius, Hunter-B-15, Casey and OB are back where they belong but Loki is the one who brings them back to the TVA.

If you think about all the clips from the trailer that you have not seen yet, it will start to make sense. Mobius is a jet ski salesman, B-15 is a doctor, and so on. Loki is the person who took them from their timelines and brought them to the TVA.

Will Victor Timely or any other Kang variant appear in Loki Season 2?

victor timely loki season 2 episode 4
Source – screenrant.com

Victor Timely or any other Kang variant will not be appearing in this season. The reason being that He Who Remains cleverly outplayed everyone.

He Who Remains purposely sent Ravonna Renslayer to Victor Timely. He wanted Renslayer to deliver the handbook to him. That way she would pop up on TVA’s radar and everything would happen just the way it happened in this episode. All of this just so that Timely could end up dead. He just wanted to take down one of his variants who could possible be a threat to the timeline.

It’s funny that so far all the Kang variants have ended up dead. All of them seem to be terrifying at one point but get taken down very easily. Marvel Studios is purposely doing this. They’re saving all the strong variants in the Council of Kangs. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will show how much of a menace Kang is.

Loki Season 2 started up strong but with 4 episodes down, this show seems to be heading nowhere. My only hope is with the last episode now.

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