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Marvel Studios just released a new Loki Season 2 trailer and I’ve got to say it’s just terrific. The cryptic shots in the trailer are an eye candy and the background music rocks.

This is what a good TV show looks like. This new trailer is just nod from Marvel Studios that a new threat is here. But it also reveals enticing details about the plot. This post is just about that. Let’s dive into details.

New Loki Season 2 Trailer

Victor Timely’s Time Trap in Loki Season 2

Although Victor Timely will be not be the centre of Loki Season 2, he will prove to be a real trouble for Loki. I’ve already explained in one of previous posts the plot of this season and how Loki and Sylvie’s love story is central theme.

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Notice how at the beginning of this trailer, Loki is repeating the word ‘Again’. It’s as if he’s trying to do or undo something but everything is stuck in a loop.

New Loki Season 2 Trailer reveals Victor Timely's time trap

Victor Timely’s enigmatic words, “round and round and round we go,” resonate you see Sylvie watching TV while spinning on a record player. The circularity of time and destiny is highlighted as Loki faces the existential dilemma of free will within the TVA’s scripted existence.’

Meanwhile, a miniature model of the Temporal Core walkway is manipulated, leading us to Victor Timely. That could be a sign that Victor Timely has set up a trap there.

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It’s possible that over time in season 2, Loki learns that something needs to be done at the temporal core. The temporal core is where Mobius is heading towards in this image below. It is the yellow source of light.

What is the Temporal Core?

The temporal core is the source of temporal energy. This is where Mobius is heading towards in this image below. It is a yellow source of temporal energy.

Temporal energy is generated within the TVA (Time Variance Authority) by converting the life force from one specific timeline into a single power source. This means that the timelines which the TVA has been pruning is acting as a source of power for the entire TVA.

It seems that either something important needs to be done here or that Victor Timely has set up a trap. So, every time someone tries to alter it, they get stuck in a loop.

Victor Timely’s Time Trap is the reason why Loki and Mobius travel to 1893’s Chicago

Now that Loki is not able to figure out what’s wrong, him and Mobius travel to Chicago in the year 1893 to find a version of He Who Remains. This is when they stumble upon Timely.

Note that Victor Timely holds the key to understanding the TVA’s architecture, crucial for fixing the Temporal Core. It’s fascinating to see how the TVA operates as a kind of temporal power plant.

The trailer’s music and sound editing are a work of art, featuring clicks, vocalizations, and screams that heighten the tension.

New Trailer of Loki Season 2 reveals an older version of Pruning Device

In a lab setting, you can see Ravonna Renslayer, holding an older version of pruning device. Here, it seems like a gun but with time it will evolve into a stick.

It’s possible that she’s getting ready to prune someone. But towards the end of the first Loki Season 2 trailer, she was in the void.

Did she lose this battle and end up in the void? Only time will tell.

Loki Season 2 promises to be a mind-bending journey through time and space, filled with mysteries that will keep you guessing at the end of each episode.

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