Godzilla vs Kong

This Sunday, WB dropped the trailer of its upcoming movie Godzilla vs Kong and the internet is already booming with theories. So, here are my thoughts about the trailer.

I would like to start with a quick recap. Godzilla’s character was first seen in the 1954 Godzilla movie produced by Toho studios. Later on this franchise’s rights were brought by TriStar studios and they produced Godzilla in 1998. After that, Legendary Entertainment took up the project to redevelop Godzilla movie. They along with WB made Godzilla movie in 2014 followed by Godzilla: The King of Monsters in 2019.

This is where it starts to get interesting.

Both Legendary Entertainment and WB released Kong: Skull Island in 2017.

According to me, all the above movies laid a solid foundation for the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong. This is because the origins of both the characters are well explained. The audience is familiar with both the characters. I can hear the entire theatre cheering, shouting and screaming when Kong and Godzilla face each other.

Now, back to the trailer.

Perfect start to a sci-fi movie with a city getting destroyed because of the wrath of Godzilla along with a monologue trying to set up atmosphere for the next couple of minutes.

The interesting thing to watch here was the way they were able to catch Kong.

Just after that we get to see the custom made logos of both WB and Legendary Entertainment. I was excited to see those because not only did they look but they contained the elements which depict radioactive energy. This is how Godzilla gets its powers.

It’s surprising to see how are they going to pull the movie with the introduction of a girl who seems to be able to communicate with Kong.

So when they were taking Kong to a certain location or maybe they were trying to lure him, the fleet of ship along with Kong encounter Godzilla. Both of them fight and the background music sets totally sets the mood for one on one battle.

Godzilla vs Kong Trailer - My thoughts and initial impressions
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Then we get a bit of history of both Kong and Godzilla. I think this is where we will be getting an explanation of why the battle or more exactly this movie takes place.

A few scenes after we have both of them going after each other once again in River city. I think this will be the scene in the middle or probably the climax scene.

The last scene where Godzilla emits his signature atomic heat beam and Kong still going against him almost got me up from my seat while I was watching the trailer. This has to be the most epic scene in a long time.

The question this trailer arose in my mind was,

Is Godzilla really the villain?

This is because the previous two movies made it pretty clear that Godzilla wasn’t against humans. Also, from the Kong’s solo movie and the current trailer its pretty clear that Kong is also on the good side.

So, my theory was there’s some kind of misunderstanding between the two creatures and that’s the reason they’re going up against each other. In the end they’ll both team up and fight against something else.

But then the internet soon started to boom with the theory of ‘Mechagodzilla’. I first read this theory thenerdyhub‘s Instagram page.

The theory is that the Godzilla we in the trailer is Mechagodzilla. That’s the reason why Kong is going against him. In the end, we’ll see the real Godzilla. Him and Kong will team up and defeat Mechagodzilla. I came up with this theory because Madison Russel (Millie Bobby Brown) in the trailer says,

“There’s something provoking him that we’re not seeing.”

While I don’t support this theory, that doesn’t mean that it’s absurd. It makes some sense. But then if this is true, then I guess the plot of the movie is out and it should already be 2-2.5 points down on IMDB.

But no matter what happens I think this movie will be worth the watch given that audience around the globe has hardly been to the theatre in the past year and a movie like this is surely going to be entertaining.

However, I have just one complaint. You can’t allow audience to watch a movie jam packed with action sequences and full of vfx scenes in their homes, on a HBO max subscription. This is not being fair to those $200 million which you made the movie with.

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