The most important thing for a movie or a TV show/web series is the category in which it’ll fall. This is how the script will be written by the writer. Everyone knows that. Today, there’s an entire world of genres and its very vast.

In this article I’ll tell why it’s important that a movie or a web series stays put in a genre and works its way through to the end.

There are a lot of genres and there’s no restriction for a movie to follow only one. Many of the movies fall in combination of genres, some movies fall in three or more genres. The most common types of genres/categories are as follows:


In layman’s term any movie or web series has fighting or car racing scenes, fall under this category.


As the name itself suggests, movies or web series which are based on the character/s going to or discovering unknown lands, going on a journey across distant lands, facing obstacles and reaching their destination fall under this genre.


The movies of this genre are intended to make the audience laugh. There are many subcategories in comedy. This genre can be paired with any other as humor can be introduced at any point where a writer likes.


A movie or web series which centered around crime falls under this category. This genre has many subcategories.


The movies of this category are serious and consist of a fictional or semi-fictional story where a character is dealing with realistic issues. The way I’ve understood drama is anything which has a background music or filters is drama.


Fantasy and fiction generally go hand in hand but the main difference in fiction is that the stories or characters here are imaginative but the incidents can happen in real life too.


Any movie or web series which takes place in past fall under this genre.


The movies or web series of this genre is made to scare the audience.


The movie or web series which fall under this genre contains a plot which has a character solving some type of puzzle or investigating a case.


The movies or web series falling under this category are supposed to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats. The plot can contain elements from various genres to keep the audience engaged and give the feeling of adrenaline rush through the audiences’ bodies.

These are just some of the common genres. Creators and writers have become way more creative these days. Today we have many genres and subgenres. The creators want to have the element of surprise combined with something totally new which the audience hasn’t seen before.

Writers today are not afraid of exploring genres and creators too want uniqueness. This is why we have new concepts and revolutionizing movie techniques. 

The challenge of making something unique is whether the audience will like it or not.

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