Here's Why Hawkman survived against Black Adam

Black Adam literally changed the hierarchy of power. But there’s one more character who was very impressive and excelled my expectations. Yes, I’m talking about Hawkman.

Aldis Hodge as Hawkman did good especially as he didn’t get any origin story yet in the DCEU. His character was mature, tough and relentless. But let’s discuss the faceoff between him and Black Adam.

If Black Adam is as strong as he claims, then how was Hawkman able to survive against him?

For a major part of the movie, I was rooting for him mainly because he stood his ground against Black Adam who gets his powers from 6 gods which he doesn’t share with anyone.

This implies that Black Adam is the epitome of strength, durability, endurance, speed, etc. Despite that a winged man kept challenging him. So, of course Hawkman is powerful.

Here's why Hawkman survived against Black Adam
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But then, Black Adam changed the equation in the climax scene. Sabbac was about to kill Hawkman when our dude just tore Sabbac into half like he was a log of wood.

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That just explains that Black Adam really was going easy on the winded man. If he wanted he could easily have clipped his wings. Same is the case with amateurs Cyclone and Atom Smasher.

But the real question is:

Why was Black Adam going easy on Hawkman?

There are 2 possible reasons I can come up with:

1 – Black Adam was frozen/sleeping for 5000 years

Just as Black Adam is awakened, Intergang is trying to kill him. By killing all of them in the first he’s already had his fun. But there’s really no one who can take his punches.

Hence, by going against Hawkman, he is just testing waters.

2 – Hawkman isn’t killing anyone

Unlike Intergang, Hawkman isn’t trying to kill anyone. From the very first moment he’s just trying to stop Black Adam.

So, Black Adam might have spared him for this reason.

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