Marvel Studios’ first teen drama show Ms. Marvel is currently being aired every Wednesday. Read this post till the very end to know the Easter Eggs.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Review:

The episode starts with The Weekend’s song which plays in the trailer as well. After the Marvel Studios’ logo rolls, we straightaway get into the YouTube video for Kamala Khan’s channel.

Much of what Kamala Khan deals with here is the same with what Peter Parker deals with in Spiderman: No Way Home. So, we get to know a bit about Kamala’s life and how she loves Avengers. We also get a glimpse of how she goes into her fantasy world.

The cinematography is totally unique and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the MCU. So, a slow and steady start with lots of Avengers references. For this genre, Marvel seems to be doing pretty good with the first episode. The color filters used throughout the episode are vibrant and have contrast on the lighter side which reflect the light tone of this show. So, full points to that.

The camera movement is also a bit unique as the many scenes are shot from Kamala’s point of view

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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This episode actually gets on point just before its about to end when Kamala wears the bands that gives her powers. The band she wears seems to be drawing powers from electrical appliances around her and convert it into cosmic energy which can then be used by Kamala. So, when in future, she’s with Captain Marvel, she’ll have an infinite source of energy.

I don’t particularly like the way the effects are set-up here. I hope this Ms. Marvel is good on providing explanation unlike Moon Knight.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 – Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel’s first episode was filled with a ton of easter eggs. Here are the major ones:

The Inventor

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In the opening scene itself, we get to see a lot of cartoon doodles. Amongst them we also get to see a drawing of The Inventor who is Ms. Marvel’s first villain in the comics. It’s possible the Kamraan might be working for him.

The Sign referencing Creators

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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When Kamala is jus about to enter her high school we see a sign at the entrance of Coles Academic High School. All the names appearing here are actual creators who created the character of Ms. Marvel. G Willow Wilson is the writer of this show where as Stephen Wacker is the editor.

Captain Marvel

There are many easter eggs for Captain Marvel. For instance we see a drawing of Captain Marvel as Brunette which may mean that she has changed her hair color although unlikely.

Captain Marvel Easter Egg

We also get to see a note which marks where she was spotted after the events of Avengers: Endgame; Sandy Beach, Tokyo, Dark Alley, etc.

We also see a doodle of a cat which is an Easter Egg for Goose who is a Flirken.

Apart from that, there are also doodle depictions of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel which was before she called herself Captain Marvel. These doodles are a combination of modern artwork and classic Jack Kirby’s artwork from the comics.

Then there are also doodle version of her going around the universe which is what Captain Marvel might be doing.


The second Avenger level character which the first episode keeps on addressing is Ant-Man.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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The first episode references that Scott Lang has a podcast after the events of Avengers: Endgame where he talks about how he met the Avengers and other small details. There’s also another reference in the beginning which is a video title of Antman and the Wasp’s vacation is Paris.

That’s a clever reference to what these characters have been doing.

Avengers Con

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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The easter egg with Avengers Con is that it’s a subtle reference to real life Comic Con but as it’s the MCU, it’s just about the Avengers now. Avengers are a pretty big thing.

Nega Bands

It’s shown in the first episode that these Nega bands belong to Kamala Khan’s grandmother so, she’ll have a bigger role to play as the series progresses. But these bands are based on the comics referred as Mar Vell bands.


Ms. Marvel Episode 1 gives a lot of Spiderman vibes. Both Peter Parker and Kamala Khan are in high school. Similar to MJ, Kamala Khan has Bruno whom she doesn’t realize until the show is about to end that she’s in love with.

In addition to that, Flash Thompson and Zoe are similar. They both love the superhero but not the person beneath the mask.

Counsellor Gabe Wilson

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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The name Gabe Wilson for the counsellor is another reference to writer G Willow Wilson.

Character Mashups

Ms. Marvel Episode 1: Review and Easter Eggs
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During this scene, Kamala and Bruno talk a lot about characters having two or three sets of powers. All those characters are based on actual comics. In fact, Captain Marvel Issue #28, Captain Marvel tries to learn powers from Doctor Strange.

Apart from all these here are some more easter eggs:

  • Location – Ms. Marvel takes place in Jersey City which is on the other side of Manhattan and closer to Westview.
  • The Title – The title generation y is a big reference to Ms. Marvel volume 2 created by G Wilow Wilson. Most of the Ms. Marvel story is adapted from this volume. The letter ‘y’ is meant to differentiate her from the rest of the older Avengers like Thor, Hulk, etc. Generation Y in the context of MCU is big reference to a totally new, young group of heroes that’ll overtake the MCU. So, in near future we will have the Young Avengers
  • Captain Marvel Joke – Kamala during the episode literally jokes that yes Captain Marvel is not around much but so what she’s pretty busy and that she punched Thanos.
  • Earth’s Mightiest Hero: Kamala calls her the mightiest hero but in Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor has the hat which says the same thing.
  • The camera rotation scene where Kamala falls on the sofa is meant to mirror the scene when later at Avengers Con, she gets her powers.
  • Ms. Marvel takes place 2 year after the events of Avengers: Endgame. In the gymnasium there are flags which represent the year until 2024. So, this show is taking place somewhere in year 2025.
  • There’s a tribute wall for Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff.

These were just a few of the easter eggs I felt worth mentioning but Ms. Marvel Episode 1 is filled with a ton of them. Comment some of your favorite easter eggs in the comment section.

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