Loki Season 2 opening scene has been revealed tat D23 Expo. It’s been 2 years since the Season 1 premiered and hence the hype for second season is increasing.

Loki and Sylvie’s love story will be a central theme in Loki Season 2 whereas Victor Timely will be present in at least 3 episodes of this show.

Loki Season 2 Opening Scene Description

Loki Season 2 executive producer Kevin Wright revealed the first 10 minutes of episode 1. Just as already explained Loki Season 2 opening scene reveals that this season picks up right where Season 1 ended.

Loki Season 2 Opening Scene Revealed at D23 Expo
Source – Disney Plus

Loki is in the TVA library and statue of Kang is in the background. Mobius has no idea about who Loki is. Hence, Mobius prompts other TVA agents to catch Loki. Loki realizes this and escapes by jumping out of nearby window.

Loki lands in the bed of a yellow hover truck which startles the driver. The truck nearly crashes into Kang’s statue but the driver manages to save the hit and ends up crashing into a building. Loki then finds him in an office where Casey is looking at him mysteriously.

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Loki realizes that Casey does not recognize him. Loki looks at the floor and notices the a logo with TVA shield and sword crest inlaid which has been damaged. As he is processing this he starts glitching which in this season is termed as ‘Time Slipping.’ This is causing Loki to jump time without his consent but none of the characters know the reason why this is happening.

After the glitching, Loki finds him standing in the same room but now Casey acknowledges him. Loki then looks at the floor again and the TVA logo is still the same. Loki asks Casey about a time when the damage on the floor was not there. But Casey cannot remember a time when the damage was not there.

Loki realizes that he was in the past for a moment and asks Casey to get Mobius but then he glitches again. That’s when the 10-minute clip ends.

What to expect in Loki Season 2?

This season will be full of mysteries. Most of the episodes of this season will end with cliffhangers.

Loki Season 2 feature Loki being in the past in the TVA during the time when He Who Remains was not hiding. An older version of Sylvie is pruning the branched timelines and is the main villain of this show.

A character named Hunter X5 takes advantage of this pruning and becomes a Hollywood Star in the 1970’s in one of the timeline. Loki and Mobius go to the 1970’s to stop him. This is where Sylvie and Loki unite.

Victor Timely will be present in at least 3 episodes of Season 2 and prove to be an integral part of this show. Expect Loki Season 2 to establish the fact that Kang cannot be stopped. Everything that Loki, Mobius and Sylvie do will backfire.

Loki Season 2 premiers on October 6, 2023.

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