Loki Season 2 ending is one of the most epic endings. It takes even more greater than the ending of Loki Season 1. That’s because Loki who started his journey as a selfish character makes the ultimate sacrifice and becomes the God Loki or the God of Stories.

The ending is important because it gives Loki an upper hand against Kang.

What happens during Loki Season 2 Finale?

loki season 2 ending
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In the finale, Loki time slips before the temporal loom exploded. He tries to stop the loom from exploding but is unsuccessful a couple of times. Every time he goes back he asks Victor Timely to do something different but the loom still ends exploding.

He even goes centuries back in time to learn about the temporal loom and finally guides Timely to fit the throughput multiplier successfully. Timely even manages to get back inside the TVA safely. Everyone thinks that this time the problem has been solved.

But the outcome is still the same. The loom still ends up exploding. Loki realizes that he has to stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains. Hence, he goes back in time to the moment when he and Sylvie were fighting with each other in front of He Who Remains.

He wants to stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains but doesn’t want to hurt Sylvie. Loki even discusses this situation with He Who Remains in the past who suggests that if he wants to stop Sylvie from killing him, Loki will have to kill Sylvie. He Who Remains further adds that the Temporal Loom is only designed to handle the sacred timeline.

That is when Loki realizes that he has to step up. But he still does not know how to do the right thing. That’s when he travels back in TVA to the time when Mobius was interrogating him. He asks him for his advice indirectly. As Mobius tells him his own story, Loki realizes that he has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

How did Loki save the multiverse in Loki Season 2 finale?

loki becoming yggdrasil loki season 2 ending
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The key to this answer lies in the conversation between He Who Remains and Loki. After time slipping into the past for countless times, Loki concludes that the Temporal Loom can only support the sacred timeline. No matter what he does, He Who Remains would always have the upper hand.

He Who Remains purposely did all of this as he wanted Loki to take his place and guard the sacred timeline from his variants. Loki on the other hand wanted to everyone to have the freedom to make decisions on their own.

Hence, Loki decides to break the chain and destroys the Temporal Loom and takes all the timelines in his hands. With his magic he gives life to all the timelines, tears the fabric of space & time and takes his throne there, thus saving the multiverse. As he has countless timelines in his hand and is also allowing them to branch, the entire formation looks like a tree with its roots and Loki at its centre.

The entire multiverse tree is a reference to Yggdrasil in Asgard.

How is God Loki different than He Who Remains?

loki and he who remains loki season 2 ending
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The major difference between God Loki and He Who Remains is that everyone has free will. He Who Remains purposely designed the Temporal Loom in a way that could handle only the ‘Sacred Timeline’. It means that every character on this timeline has to follow a definite path; a fixed series of steps that do not cause ‘Nexus Events’.

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People who cause Nexus event necessarily cause a Kang variant to appear somewhere and hence they must be pruned. That was why the TVA was created. But God Loki is now the source of a multiversal tree (Yggdrasil). He hasn’t seen the future of anyone nor does he want everyone to stick to a certain path. With God Loki present, anyone can choose to do anything doesn’t matter if a Kang variant appears or not.

If something goes wrong, he can go back in time and rewrite the story again. Hence, you can see that the branches are growing like a tree instead of staying straight like a fixed (sacred) timeline.

That is Loki’s Glorious purpose.

What happens to TVA during Loki Season 2 ending?

The TVA is functioning well without any problems with a new goal: tracking He Who Remains’ variants. As the multiverse grows, several He Who Remains/Kang variants will appear in multiple timelines and start conquering them. This eventually leads to a chaotic situation in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

The TVA will also be in focus in Deadpool in 3 as Deadpool is rumored to kill the Fox Universe and create irregularities in the timeline.

What happens to Mobius and Sylvie in Loki Season 2 finale?

mobius and sylvie loki season 2 ending
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Mobius takes a break from his job at the TVA. Mobius doesn’t know yet where his life was before the TVA. He also wants to know if the multiverse is worth saving. However, Mobius will return in Deadpool 3.

Sylvie on the other hand might do anything she wishes for the time being. She still has the temporal device from Loki Season 1 finale. She seems excited about exploring the multiverse now that there’s nothing to worry about.

There’s currently a theory that Sylvie will eventually save the best version of characters such as Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Steve Rogers’ Captain America for Avengers: Secret Wars.

But things will become clear as we progress into the future.

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