The Marvels post credit scene will surely make you more excited for the future of the MCU than the entire movie did. The post credit scene hits different because it brings back all the good memories that you had while watching the Fox X-men movies.

This post includes spoilers for The Marvels.

What happens in the climax of The Marvels?

The Marvels Post Credit Scene hints that Mutants are here
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In the end of this movie, Dar-Benn the movie’s villain overloads herself with enough energy that it creates in incursion. A new universe starts colliding with Earth-616’s reality. Monica Rambeau realizes this and suggests that she can seal the wormhole and stop the collision.

Monica gets powered up from Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers and goes outside the wormhole to seal it. She shuts the wormhole but ends up on the other side of the universe. She didn’t have a backup plan for herself. The movie is set up in a way, that she couldn’t have found another way. Captain Marvel tries to save her but cannot reach to get her back in time.

What happens in The Marvels post credit scene?

The Marvels Post Credit beast
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This scene is a mid-credit scene. Monica wakes up in a room which initially appears to be a hospital. She looks to her side and the first word that she says is ‘Mom’. Maria Rambeau played by Lashana Lynch is sleeping by her side.

Just as she hears this from Monica’s mouth, Maria wakes up but doesn’t recognize Monica. Note that on Earth-616, Maria Rambeau dies because of cancer. In this world, she’s still alive. But as Maria is not able to recognize her, Monica realizes that something is off.

Both Monica and Maria are trying to understand what’s going on and just then someone enters the room. This someone is a male who starts explaining how someone called ‘Binary’ found Monica floating in space and brought her down. Furthermore, this person adds that this is a parallel universe.

The camera turns up to reveal that the mutants are finally here. This male person is no one but Beast a.k.a Hank McKoy played by Kelsey Grammer from the Fox X-Men movies. Beast than adds that Charles wants to have a chat. The scene cuts as Maria asks Monica “Who are you?”

The iconic X2 theme from the 2003 movie plays as this this ends.

What does The Marvels Post Credit Scene mean?

The Marvels post credit scene means that the mutants are finally here. It’s just a matter of time until they make their way into the MCU. It’s been 4 years since Marvel Studios got the rights for all the X-Men characters. Hence, this scene is significant as it points out that mutants have always existed in a parallel universe.

With Monica Rambeau in a universe with mutants, some of them may find their way to Earth-616.

This is the second time now that Marvel has teased with mutants. Previously it was in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. Note that Scarlet Witch had killed Charles Xavier in Earth-838. Beast in The Marvels post credit scene mentions Charles. This means that this is a different universe. Does that mean that there are more worlds where mutants exist?

Another point worth mentioning is that Beast mentioned that Binary found Monica Rambeau. In the comics, Binary is Captain Marvel’s most powerful form which allows her to travel at the speed of light.

This scene is intelligently filmed without any of the characters mentioning the terms ‘mutants’ or ‘X-Men.’ The reason for this is that term ‘X-Men’ is identified more with Fox then with Marvel. Hence, X-Men will more likely be termed mutants in the future.

Whatever the case might be, Marvel Studios is surely going to create a lot of hype around X-Men until they’re finally introduced.

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