Kingpin is one of the most hated street level Marvel villains. Most of this hatred mainly comes due to seeing him in Netflix’s Daredevil show. Season 1 showed how Wilson Fisk as aka Kingpin ruled Hell’s Kitchen. Season 2 was about how even in prison, Fisk had eye on the city. Whereas in Season 3 of Daredevil Fisk got to your nerves.

It depicted how corrupt the administration was for Fisk. Also, Fisk was so powerful that he threatened each and every member of the jury in a court during his trial that if they voted against him, he would come after their loved ones. This shows how much of a menace Wilson Fisk is. But will Marvel Studios be able to show Fisk up to the same mark? That is something that will be answered soon.

Wilson Fisk is a man who turned adversity into power, rising from the gritty streets of Hell’s Kitchen to become the notorious Kingpin of crime. But his journey to infamy wasn’t paved with gold; it was a turbulent path marked by a troubled childhood and a father who personified darkness.

Before you watch Echo, here’s everything you need to know about Kingpin:

Who is Kingpin?

Kingpin - Everything you need to know about Echo's ruthless villain
Source – Marvel

Kingpin is the term coined for Wilson Fisk who is the crime lord of Hell’s Kitchen in New York.

Born in Hell’s Kitchen, Wilson Fisk’s early years were a mix of care and cruelty. His mother, Marlene, provided him comfort and warmth. While his father, Bill, was a venomous force, drowning in debt and harboring a sinister desire for wealth. Bill’s ill-fated attempt at local politics only deepened the family’s troubles. Wilson’s dad borrowed money from mobsters, not to uplift the neighborhood but to line his pockets. When he lost the election, he became frustrated and eventually turned into a physically abusive tyrant.

Even before the election loss, Bill subjected young Wilson to relentless verbal and physical abuse. Wilson’s mother, could only offer solace through food as a distraction. Bill’s cruelty knew no bounds and he once forced Wilson to gulp down whiskey, reveling in the boy’s discomfort. In a horrifying episode, Bill discovered Wilson being bullied by a neighbor named Bernie. Instead of protecting his son, Bill forced Wilson to join in a violent retaliation, a twisted notion of proving manhood. The scars from these experiences ran deep, shaping Wilson’s destiny.

The breaking point came when Bill’s violent rage turned towards Marlene. Blaming her for his failures, Bill subjected her to brutal beatings, forcing Wilson to shut himself away, listening to his mother’s cries of pain. Unable to endure the torment any longer, Wilson took matters into his own hands, ending his father’s life with a hammer.

wilson fisk kills his father
Source – Marvel

In a desperate bid to escape the consequences, Wilson and Marlene disposed of Bill’s body, placing the blame on the criminals to whom Bill owed money. Wilson was sent away to live on a farm with relatives, marking the beginning of his transformation.

Abroad, Wilson immersed himself in foreign cultures, mastering Chinese and Japanese, honing the skills that would later serve him as the formidable Kingpin. The once tormented boy returned to New York as a successful businessman, fueled by a desire for brutal change in his old neighborhood.

Wilson Fisk’s journey from the abused child of Hell’s Kitchen to the ruthless Kingpin of crime is a testament to the indomitable spirit that can arise from even the darkest of beginnings. In the shadows of his past, Kingpin’s empire of crime took root, forever changing the landscape of New York’s underworld.

Is Kingpin a normal human?

Yes, Kingpin is a normal human being. He’s a martial arts expert, but don’t let that fool you. His gigantic size, explosive strength, and massive muscles make him a force to be reckoned with. Kingpin can lift grown men with just one arm, tossing them around like ragdolls. When he throws a punch, it’s not just a punch – it’s a game-changer. A few blows from him, and it’s game over.

Here’s an example of Kingpin’s might:

Why is Kingpin powerful?

Kingpin is powerful because everything is not just about fighting for him. He’s not your typical muscle-bound villain. Fisk is a genius when it comes to plotting and orchestrating. He thrives in the shadows, always craving anonymity. From his secret lairs, he pulls the strings of criminal operations like a puppet master.

Kingpin is a “big picture” thinker, ready to make tough decisions for what he believes is progress. He doesn’t mind sacrificing lives if it means achieving his goals. That’s the kind of ruthless brilliance that sets him apart.

After a run-in with a gangster and a knife, Wilson Fisk realizes that there might always be a target on his back. Hence, he decides to up his game. He hires designer Melvin Potter to create a protective suit that doesn’t look like your typical superhero attire. No capes or flashy logos – just normal suit. This makes him an even tougher target for anyone daring to challenge him.

Who are Kingpin’s enemies?

Wilson Fisk, the notorious Kingpin, has faced enemies from all corners, and his journey is a web of betrayal, vengeance, and brutal conflicts. Fisk as a child already killed his father who was his first enemy.

Out on the streets while Fisk is in a constant search of power, his direct enemy is without a doubt Daredevil. Both the superhero and the man behind the mask, Matt Murdock, are seen by Fisk as agents of his impending downfall. Vengeance becomes Fisk’s driving force. Not stopping there, Fisk extends his vendetta to Murdock’s closest friends and allies, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. Echo will not focus on Nelson and Page for now.

In the show Echo, Kingpin’s enemy is Maya Lopez as she tried to kill him. But in the comics, Fisk also has Punisher and Spiderman as his enemies.

What happened to Kingpin before Echo?

Here’s a recap of what happened to Kingpin before Echo:

Kingpin embarked on a mission to rebuild Hell’s Kitchen of New York. His grand plan involved partnering with notorious crime syndicates and corrupt members of the NYPD. Fisk aimed to control every dirty dealing within the city, even securing a building coveted by the mysterious Hand.

Daredevil (Matt Murdock), inadvertently thwarted Fisk’s every move. Amidst his criminal pursuits, Fisk sought to maintain secrecy, especially from his newfound love interest, Vanessa Marianna. A pivotal moment occurred during a public confrontation with mob brothers Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov. Fisk’s desire for anonymity shattered, leading to a series of events that ignited a war and strained his criminal alliances.

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Fisk’s attempt to reshape Hell’s Kitchen escalated with a city-wide bombing, framing the vigilante for the chaos. In a surprising turn, Vanessa embraced Fisk despite his criminal revelations, deepening their connection. Behind bars, Fisk faced a new adversary – fellow prisoner Dutton. To regain control, Fisk orchestrated a complex plan, involving Frank Castle (The Punisher) and manipulation of prison dynamics.

Upon release, Fisk’s influence extended beyond prison walls. He manipulated the FBI, controlled agents like Ray Nadeem, and devised plans to secure Vanessa’s safety. His pursuit of power escalated, leading to public outrage and a tense alliance with FBI Agent Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter. Fisk masterfully used Poindexter to discredit Daredevil and manipulate the FBI. As he rose to power, cracks appeared in his personal life, with Vanessa feeling marginalized and shocking revelations from Karen Page about the death of Fisk’s trusted confidant, James Wesley.

The climax unfolded at Fisk’s wedding reception, where chaos ensued. Poindexter sought revenge, Matt Murdock intervened, and Fisk fought desperately to protect Vanessa. In the end, a fragile truce emerged between Fisk and Daredevil, each safeguarding their own interests.

As Fisk returned to custody, the city remained in turmoil. Kingpin’s story is one of resilience, manipulation, and unexpected alliances, leaving a lasting imprint on the complex tapestry of New York’s criminal underworld.

Are Netflix’s Kingpin and MCU Kingpin the same?

No, both are different.

Recently, executive producer of Echo Brad Winderbaum said that he believes that the original (Netflix) ‘DAREDEVIL’ series is part of the Sacred Timeline. Note how he says, ‘Sacred Timeline’ not ‘Earth-616’. The Sacred Timeline consists of a bunch of timelines.

Characters can look similar and even have similar past in different timelines. So, the characters from the Netflix shows such as Kingpin, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Frank Castle and Daredevil are all canon to the sacred timeline. These characters exist in a bunch of different timelines. Although their backstories might be mostly the same, some of the events might not be the same in all the timelines.

That’s the reason why Netflix’s Daredevil and MCU Daredevil are slightly different.

Hence, MCU Kingpin is also a different character. It’s possible that he might have the same past as the Netflix’s version but at the end of Daredevil Season 3, he ended up in prison. Whereas in Hawkeye, Clint Barton pointed out that as Ronin he carried out assassinations for Kingpin. That suggests that MCU Kingpin didn’t end up in prison. Maybe, some of the events in MCU were different for him.

When the SNAP and the BLIP took place simultaneously, Kingpin’s position in the city weakened. That clearly means this is a totally different character.

In the end, Kingpin isn’t just a powerhouse in physical strength; he’s a mastermind, a strategist, and a force that lurks in the shadows. His story is not just about muscles; it’s about brains, brutality, and the art of staying one step ahead in the dangerous game of power.

Kingpin’s enemies emerge not only from external forces but also from within his carefully woven alliances. The battles are not just physical; they’re emotional, filled with betrayal, and fueled by a relentless desire for power. The web of foes expands, leaving Kingpin entangled in a dangerous dance of conflict and retribution.

Echo is now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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