Sony’s Morbius is finally releasing on April 1st, after a lot of postponing. The way Sony set up the trailer rises a few questions, mainly about how Spiderman will show up in the future in Sony. More accurately, which version of Spiderman will show up?

This post will answer all those questions.

Which Universe is Morbius in?

The way we get all the easter eggs about Spiderman can make anyone wonder as to which universe will Morbius be in. That’s because the poster we have here is of Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman.

Everything you need to know about Morbius
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Similarly, the version of Daily Bugle we see is also of Maguire’s Spiderman.

Everything you need to know about Morbius
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But then we also see that Black Cat and Rhino are mentioned which is a direct reference to the Amazing Spiderman. Along with this we also get to see Oscorp from the same franchise.

But Morbius is actually in Sony’s Universe right now. The same Universe in which Venom takes place. It’s just that because of the events of Spiderman : No Way Home, Sony wants everyone to accept the fact that everything that happens in its movies will be Canon to the MCU. Which means that both Sony and Marvel are free to use each other’s characters related to Spiderman Comics, at any time they want. They can also cast different actors for the same characters.

Hence, we’ll get the references to many other character in Morbius, including Kraven The Hunter.

In the first Morbius trailer, we see the police referencing that something went down in San Francisco. They are in a way addressing the events of Venom: Let there be Carnage, thus confirming that Venom and Morbius are in the same Universe.

Plans for Spider-Verse

In the Amazing Spiderman 2, there was a scene where there were easter eggs for other characters.

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This scene was the biggest reference that Sony too had plans for characters related to the Spiderman Comics but couldn’t put these plans into actions.

Sony has a lot of plans for Spiderman. They want to do a Spiderman vs Sinister Six movie. If the rights for Spiderman would not have been sold they were going to do Amazing Spiderman 3 where we would see Andrew Garfield in Black Spiderman suit. Which means we would also see Venom in that movie.

But all of this can still be possible. It’s just that Sony hasn’t announced anything as of yet.

In a nutshell, Tom Holland’s Spiderman will have future projects tied to the main MCU timeline as he’s a strong contender for Avengers 5. But, he may occasionally show up in Sony’s movies.

But on the other hand, Sony and Marvel want to develop a Spiderverse with all the Spiderman Comic Book characters. Hence, they may bring Andrew Maguire back as Spiderman for all those projects. We already got the reference of Miles Morales Spiderman in Spiderman: No Way Home.

The Vulture Variant

We also see Michael Keaton’s Vulture in the trailer which may misdirect us. But this character is the variant of the Vulture we see in MCU. Morbius is sent to the same prison in which Vulture is being kept.

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It’ll be interesting to see if they give any backstory to his character in the Sony Universe or not.

We also get another reference for Spiderman vs Sinister Six movie here when Vulture says, “I’m putting together a team.”

What’s Morbius about?

The plot about Morbius is pretty straight forward and can be very well assumed from the trailer. Michael Morbius is suffering from a terminal disease. He’s a scientist and is trying to find a cure for his genetic disease. He does some research and comes to know that Vampires or Bats may have a cure for this. Hence, goes to a cave to find the cure.

He does get saved from dying but this gives rise something darker. Now in order to live, he must feed on human blood or die.

Michael Morbius also has a friend called Loxian Crown, also a scientist, who too is suffering from the same disease. Loxian belongs to a wealthy family. In the movie, Lucian is addressed mostly as Milo by Morbius. Milo comes to know that Morbius has found the cure and thus steals the serum.

Morbius finds a way to control the monster inside of him and surrenders himself to the police. Morbius doesn’t want

The serum turns Milo into the character called Hunger. Hunger wants to suck the blood of humans in order to become powrful

Phase 4 Crossovers

Agreed that posting anything about the Marvel connection of Morbius seems crazy but there are strong chances that we get to see the faceoff between Morbius and Blade.

We may get some hints in the post credit scene about that.

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