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Recent leaks from the Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire toy line have unveiled Shimo, a dragon-like behemoth, poised to shake the very foundations of the Monsterverse. As the Legendary and Warner Bros. take you deeper into the mysteries of the Hollow Earth, more Titans emerge, expanding the already formidable lineup.

In the latest trailer, Shimo takes center stage as the formidable antagonist, setting the stage for an explosive showdown between Kong and Godzilla. With upgrades for the iconic titans and the introduction of a baby Kong, the stakes have never been higher in this epic battle for supremacy.

It’s possible that Shimo is under Skar King’s control or on his side. This sets up the stage for a 2 vs 2 fight with Skar King & Shimo and Gozilla & Kong.

New Godzilla x Kong The New Empire Trailer reveals first look at Shimo

Who is Shimo?

Shimo is a titan just like Godzilla. In Legendary’s upcoming movie Godzilla x Kong The New Empire, Shimo will be up against Godzilla and Kong. Unlike other titans in this movie, this will be the first time, it will appear in a movie. In Playmates action figure sets, Shimo is explained as a “Legendary Ice Titan”.

A Reddit post revealed how Shimo might look like through a toy from Jada Toys. However, Shimo can also be seen for a fraction of second in the new trailer. He’s fighting against Godzilla here.

shimo godzilla x kong the new empire

From the toy and from what you can see in the trailer, Shimo is very similar to Godzilla. It’s white in color and has deep blue dorsal spikes. It’s possible that both Godzilla and Shimo share the same genes but are only slightly different when it comes to powers.

What are Shimo’s powers?

“Shimo” in Japanese means “frost” and his primary powers is emitting frost rays just like Godzilla emits atomic energy. There are two instances where the trailer hints about Shimo’s powers. First is when you see Godzilla breaking free from ice. Maybe Shimo trapped him in ice and during a fight. Second is when you see Kong fighting a frost blast with his axe in Hollow Earth.

kong fighting shimo godzilla x kong the new empire 1

Shimo is not villainous and hence he may be controlled by Skar King by some kind of device. However, towards the end of the movie Shimo might also become an ally of both Godzilla and Kong.

Currently, Shimo seems to be evil Godzilla similar to how Skar King is evil Kong. Opposites do attract each other but in this movie, they’ll literally collide with each other producing amazing action sequences.

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