You know, I had the same thought when I watched EP 03 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

I think, the answer to your question is; YES.

The Zemo which we saw in Captain America : Civil War was the one who was under trauma because of losing his family.

Just like Black Panther said in the end to Zemo “You are consumed by vengeance”, I think he was. Back then Zemo just wanted to end the Winter Soldier program and separate Avengers and he succeeded.

He was shown as a character who breaks you from the inside, no matter what power you’ve got.

The character we’re seeing in the TV show is a light hearted one. We saw him dancing, cracking jokes on both Bucky and Falcon and the one which surprised me is still being on their side.

Is Marvel Studios deviating from Zemo's characterization in Falcon and The Winter Soldier?
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Seriously, after the blast in the container, I thought the Zemo would have ran away.

Maybe, Marvel is exploring the other side of Zemo. I see that as a character improvisation and yes that is unexpected. Zemo was the reason why Tony Stark hesitated to call Steve Rogers in the first place. If Tony had made a call, maybe Steve had suggested him a plan and maybe then Thanos would have gotten more resistance from Avengers.

All that being said, the third episode was still building the plot and there’s a chance that Zemo may die, run away or betray Bucky and Sam.

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