When it comes to disasters Marvel Studio’s Eternals is the first thing that comes up in my mind. Eternals itself is Marvel’s waste. It’s character development is weird for some characters while absent for the other characters.

When it comes to explanation of powers, this movie omits that point completely. But despite all that, it did introduce one character that could have been important for MCU in the future.

3 Reasons Why Ikaris is Marvel's Wasted character
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Here are the 3 reasons why I feel Ikaris was Marvel’s wasted character:

  1. Ikaris had similar powers like Superman. Although not completely a copy he did have super strength, the ability to fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.
  2. In Phase 4, Marvel is going to introduce characters with greater threats to it’s main timeline. Marvel could surely have used Ikaris to its fullest and given us commendable action scenes. We could have seen him fly along with Captain Marvel.
  3. Eternals doesn’t explore Ikaris’ point of view, and hence making him commit suicide literally makes no sense.

Despite these reasons, Eternals are explained as characters who can be created by the Celestials multiple times. Hence, when I wrote the same answer on Quora, many people were arguing the same point. But even if Marvel brings Ikaris back, it will be hard for them to give him a different back story.

But if Ikaris can come back, then so can Ajak. Then, both these characters would need different back stories for themselves.

Overall, I feel that the concept of Eternals itself is flawed and needs a lot more explanation. Marvel wasting a good cast and going ahead with a weak script for Eternals adds more problems on their part. We will surely see Eternals sometime after 2025 or if Feige considers it important, then maybe in one of the post-credit scenes of any movie.

Let me know in the comment section what you think about Ikaris.

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