Christopher Nolan comes out of hibernation every couple of years to deliver a masterpiece. In 2014 it was with Interstellar, then in 2017 it was with Dunkirk and then in 2020 it was Tenet. This time it is with Oppenheimer.

This movie will mark a big change in Nolan’s style of filmmaking. This time it will be Nolan delivering a biopic rather than the usual science fiction.

Here are more enticing details about this movie.

Oppenheimer Teaser Trailer Details

The teaser trailer for Oppenheimer was released on 28th July 2022.

Here are a few unique things about it’s Teaser Trailer:

  • Instead of an official teaser trailer Nolan chose to go for a live stream of this trailer on Universal Studio’s YouTube channel
  • This means that every time you choose to watch it, you’ll see random scenes from the footage until it starts all over again.
  • As it’s streaming live, you cannot skip any scene
  • There’s a countdown which ends at July 16, 2023
  • Oppenheimer releases on July 21st, 2023

There’s an intelligent strategy hidden in the second last point. July 16, 1945 is when the first test for atom bomb was done.

Hence, the trailer would countdown end when 78 years of the first atomic test are completed.

Is there a trailer for Oppenheimer?

A second full trailer for Oppenheimer was released with Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3. This trailer reveals a lot about the plot and the cast.

Is Oppenheimer based on a true story?

Oppenheimer is based on American PrometheusThe Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Martin Sherwin and Kai Bird. This book revolves around the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer who invented the atom bomb.

This movie will be about everything that happened before, during and after the atom bomb was invented as per Oppenheimer’s perspective.

This movie will describe how Oppenheimer became the lead for The Manhattan Project. His struggle and passion to invent something new will give you motivation. But just after he realizes the destruction his weapon can cause, he tries to stop people from using it.

Hence, he also works as the chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission to slow the development of nuclear arms against The Soviet Union.

But as Oppenheimer gets associated with multiple groups, he gets termed as a Communist. He gets fired from the Federal Government and has to continues working as a school teacher to do his research.

Oppenheimer gets nominated 3 times for Nobel Prize in the years 1946 to 1967. But he only wins the Prize after his death in 1967.

This movie is more like a biography. Hence, you will not get to see the magic of Nolan like he did with Interstellar and Inception.

Christopher Nolan revealed how he wrote his movie initially:

“I actually wrote in the first-person, which I’ve never done before. I don’t know if anyone’s ever done it before. But the point of it is, with the colour sequences, which is the bulk of the film, everything is told from Oppenheimer’s point of view — you’re literally kind of looking through his eyes. Odd thing to do. But it was a reminder to me of how to shoot the film. It was a reminder to everybody involved in the project, ‘Okay, this is the point of view of every scene.’ I wanted to really go through this story with Oppenheimer; I didn’t want to sit by him and judge him. That seemed a pointless exercise. That’s more the stuff of documentary, or political theory, or history of science. This is a story that you experience with him — you don’t judge him. You are faced with these irreconcilable ethical dilemmas with him.”

Is it worth watching Oppenheimer in IMAX?

Unlike regular movies who have a 16:9 aspect ratio, the aspect ratio for Oppenheimer is 1.90:1. The entire movie was shot in IMAX. Hence, you must this movie in IMAX.

Source – Universal Pictures

The rolls of IMAX for for this movie are 11 miles long and weigh 600 lbs making it a nightmare for the projectionist.

But you will absolutely love the way you live this movie while you watch. Nolan is known for his unique techniques adopted in filmmaking.

Christopher Nolan on shooting movies in IMAX:

“The sharpness and the clarity and the depth of the image is unparalleled. The headline, for me, is by shooting on IMAX 70mm film, you’re really letting the screen disappear. You’re getting a feeling of 3D without the glasses. You’ve got a huge screen and you’re filling the peripheral vision of the audience. You’re immersing them in the world of the film.”

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Cast of Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer has a star studded cast with Cilian Murphy in the lead. In addition to this here are some more noteworthy actors in the cast of this movie:

  • Josh Hartnett (Penny Dreadful) as Ernest Lawrence
  • Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) as J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Florence Pugh (Black Widow) as Jean Tatlock
  • Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place II) as Kitty Oppenheimer
  • Matt Damon (The Martian) as Leslie Groves Jr.
  • Robert Downey (Iron Man) Jr. as Lewis Strauss
  • Jack Quaid (The Boys) as Richard Feynman
  • Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) as Harry S. Truman
  • Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings) as Hans Bethe
  • Olivia Thirlby (Juno) as Lilli Hornig
  • Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) as a Scientist
  • David Krumholtz (The Santa Clauses) as Isidor Isaac Rabic

Oppenheimer is a must watch for you if you love drama and war movies.

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