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Just a couple of days left before Blue Beetle hits the big screen. Warner Bros and DC is not promoting this film due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. But if you are a comic book movie lover I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this movie.

Blue Beetle was originally planned to stream on HBO Max. It was not meant to get a theatrical release. But the movie turned out to be good to an extent that Warner Bros. decided to increase the budget of this movie. Hence, you will now get to experience this movie in cinemas.

Blue Beetle – Official Trailer

Who is Blue Beetle?

Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager finds a robotic scarab attached to his spinal cord and allows him to summon a powerful suit of blue armor. This beetle is blue and hence the name of the character is Blue Beetle.

What is the plot of Blue of Beetle?

Blue Beetle is the story of Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American teenager. He goes to work at Kord Industries and on his very first day, his love interest Jenny handles him a package and asks him to guard it.

Confused he leaves the premises of the company and goes home to find a mysterious robotic scarab in the box that Jenny handed him. Before he can understand the scarab fuses with his spine and gives him the ability to summon a powerful suit of armor.

Jaimie feels like he as hit the jackpot. But he soon discovers that the beetle has a mind of its own. It doesn’t always do what his mind wants and is sometimes able to control him instead.

The scarab belongs to Kord Industries’ owner Victoria Kord who sends her goons after Jaime so that he can give the scarab back to her.

Who is the villain of Blue Beetle?

Victoria Kord will be the main villain of Blue Beetle. From the trailer, it seems that the Scarab belongs to her and hence she’s after Jamie. She claims that she wants to change the world with the scarab but this could just be a metaphor for global destruction.

conrad carapax
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Another evil character Conrad Carapax will also be involved. As Victoria is unsuccessful to get the scarab from Jaime, she invents another one and gives it to Carapax. Then she sends Carapax after Jaime to retrieve the original scarab back from him.

Conrad is Guatemalan war veteran who will become the Indestructible Man. Blue Beetle and Indestructible Man will then face off against one another and the scenes will be a downgraded version of Iron Man 2 fighting scenes.

History of Blue Beetle

The current version of this character which you will see in the movie is not the original one. Blue Beetle’s origins span decades and have taken on various forms. From the original Dan Garrett to the tech-savvy Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle’s story is one of transformation and innovation.

Jaime Reyes is the third iteration of Blue Beetle.

Who is Dan Garrett?

Dan Garrett was the original Blue Beetle. He made his debut in “Mystery Men Comics” #1, published by Fox Comics in August 1939.

Dan was a police officer who found a magical scarab that gave him superpowers. When he said the words “Kaji Dha,” he turned into the Blue Beetle. He fought bad guys and kept the city safe. Dan Garrett’s adventures are filled with action and excitement, making him a favorite among comic book fans. He’s an important part of DC Comics history and has inspired other heroes who followed in his footsteps.

Will Ted Kord be in Blue Beetle movie?

Ted Kord will not be in Blue Beetle.

The reason why Ted Kord isn’t around when Jaime Reyes becomes the Blue Beetle is because this movie draws inspiration from the Infinite Crisis storyline. In the comics, Ted Kord’s absence is tied to his discovery of Maxwell Lord’s plans, which leads to a fateful confrontation. While the movie doesn’t explicitly follow this path, it’s a nod to the complex continuity that comics often bring to the table.

Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, made his debut in “Captain Atom” #83, published by Charlton Comics in November 1966.

Known as the second Blue Beetle, Ted is really smart and good with gadgets. He didn’t have superpowers like the first Blue Beetle, but he was a great fighter and used his brains to save the day. Ted Kord was a fun and lighthearted hero, always cracking jokes even in tough situations.

He cared a lot about doing the right thing and helping others. Ted Kord’s time as Blue Beetle added a unique and fun twist to the superhero world in DC Comics.

Ted Kord’s legacy takes center stage in this movie. You can see the suits of both Dan Garrett and Ted Kord in the trailer.

Blue Beetle: Everything you need to know
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While the trailers don’t exactly spell out what happened to him, it seems he’s either vanished or met his end before the events of this movie unfold. Victoria Kord will be shown as the sister of Ted Kord and Jenny will be his daughter.

It’s possible that Jenny knows that her aunt Victoria intends to use the scarab for evil purposes and hence she gives the scarab to Jaime.

Blue Beetle – Powers

As already explained in the trailer, Jaime Reyes gets his powers from the scarab. Enhanced strength, durability and flight are just the tip of the ice berg for him.

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One of the defining features of Blue Beetle is the symbiotic relationship between the scarab and its host. You can see the scarab’s assimilation with Jaime, portrayed in a visually stunning and intense manner.

The scarab provides Jaime with an array of powers and capabilities, allowing him to create whatever he imagines, much like the Green Lantern rings.

Some of Blue Beetle’s prominent powers include:

  • Superhuman strength
  • Flight
  • Increased healing
  • Protection from hazardous environments
  • Energy absorbtion
  • Armor configuration
  • Creating extendable claws(along with plasma cannons, spiked maces, bladed weapons etc.)
  • Drones
  • Cryo Blaster
  • Creating countermeasures against any number of opponents

What is ‘The Reach’ in Blue Beetle?

The Reach is an alien group in the DC Comics universe. They’re known for being quite advanced technologically and have a history of interacting with Earth. They’re not always the friendliest bunch, often seen as manipulative and power-hungry.

The Reach’s motives tend to revolve around expanding their influence and control. They’ve appeared in various DC Comics storylines, usually causing trouble the Justice League and the Young Justice team.

The scarab which Jaime Reyes is a part of The Reach. Reach sends scarab to various planets so that they can conquer hosts and help them to take over an entire planet.

Jaime’s scarab is a bit different though as it was damaged when it landed on Earth. Hence, instead of complying with The Reach’s technology, it bonds with Jaime and enables him to do good.

Is Blue Beetle a part of the DCU?

Initially, Blue Beetle was supposed to be a part of the DCEU. But as it is not very closely tied to it, you can very well consider this movie a part of the DCU.

There are also references to Superman, Batman and The Flash in this movie. But that’s about it.

What is the future of Blue Beetle?

The future of Blue Beetle currently rests on your hands. If this movie generates enough profit only then will James Gunn think of doing Blue Beetle movie in his DCU.

The movie might leave ends open for the next director to pick the story up. Upcoming Booster Gold TV series could also find the mention of this character.

To be honest, Warner Bros. is not promoting this movie on a scale it promoted Black Adam. Hence, the chances of this movie making a profit are slim. It just needs to collect more than 120 Million USD to earn a profit.

How many post-credit scenes are there in Blue Beetle?

There are 2 post credit scenes in this movie. However, as I’ve already watched this movie, don’t stick around for the second post credit scene.

Only the first post credit scene is worth watching.


The Blue Beetle journey is a reflection of the superhero genre’s ability to adapt and resonate with audiences across generations.

From mystical amulets to cutting-edge suits, from Dan Garrett’s inception to Jaime Reyes’ contemporary tale, Blue Beetle continues to inspire with its evolution, diversity, and commitment to justice.

This movie is entertaining and if you love comic book movies you will like it.

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